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Not in the way that we are published here on the blogs, but as the writer of books, the author of literature, the lady who pens the novel that you just can't wait to add to your shelves.

I've longed to have my name proceed the "by" on book covers since I was a little girl. It's been my dream to have people pick up my book and smile as they read the pages born of my passion. sharep1

I feel like I have so much to offer... so many ideas. I actually lie awake at night thinking up new plots for my romance novels and insightful chapters for my memoirs. It drives me nuts trying to figure out how to bring together all the bits and fragments of my writing so that it culminates in a beautiful, meaningful text that people will want to experience.


My favorite author once shared how she brings her thousand-page novels to completion. She said that she'll often keep three or four projects open on her computer screen while she's working, allowing her to write as the mood strikes. Some days you just aren't feeling the story that you've been working on for the last few weeks. She also said  in the same blog post, that while she'd love to do more book tours and visit her faithful readers, that unless we wanted to wait another year or two for the next book to go to press, she'd be skipping the road trips to sit at home and write....and write....and write. Aspiring writers, take heed.

I remember this all the time and have several "open" projects going on, myself. I just need to get with it and actually do the work!


I am tired of this dream of mine succumbing to my fears.


5 ways to combat stress: with Debonair Bandit.



Hello! I am Mandi and I blog over at {Debonair Bandit} Here and I have a fun shop on Etsy Here. I am a stay at home momma to two sweet little girls and wife to the awesome Mr. Durborough. I am a lover of crafts and carry this passion to create beautiful things. I am constantly evolving myself and bettering this one beautiful life I have to live. Today I get to talk a little bit about stress and some alternate methods to handle our stress. I want to thank the amazing Brooke for having on her wonderful blog. I have been a fan for a quite some time and being on here is truly amazing and such an honor. 

Stress comes at all of us and usually just when things are getting good in life. Lately in my life, stress seems to be coming at me from every angle. To be honest it has been hard to handle. I can't sleep, my shoulders are so tense that they are starting to spasm with pain. I keep breaking out in hives through out the day and sometimes I even feel like crying {which is not something I don't do much of}. Not to mention I recently started having panic attacks {small ones} and go to bed every night with a migraine. Basically I am a mess when it comes to my body handling stress.

I have a doctor's appointment that I have been waiting for 2 months now and it's in 14 days!!! However, I need some help now even if it only helps for a little bit. 

I know that most people would say, take a day off and relax or sleep in, or go work out etc. Everyone has ideas including my personal favorite "why don't you quit or eliminate some of the stress". Haha. As a stay at home mother too two little kids under 3 {my oldest daughter whom was just diagnosed with autism}, owning a business and being in charge of caring for the home just like so many women out there I am unable to take any more stress away. 

Those people just don't understand that parents can't just get away when they need to, and can't eliminate everything because it's hard. We grow up and realize that things just aren't simple anymore. 

Mean while, I have been trying every kind of stress relieving method out there. Most did not work and most I couldn't even try. However, a few kept me calm enough so I didn't have any panic attacks and I didn't cry the days I did these.  

5 Ways to Combat Stress


#1 Pop a headphone in, blast music and clean. When I say clean, I mean scrub, you know 'put some elbow in it'. I took all my stress and worry and to-do lists to the kitchen counters, to the 'need to be mopped' floors. I spent 3 hours deep cleaning and by the end of it, I had cleaned out some of the stress while boosting my endorphin's making me happier. Not to mention burning calories and my house was spotless. I think that this was the best method of all the ones I tried. 


#2 Made special moments. Turned up some super happy music and danced with my girls in the living room until they were over it. I also made a half hour of time and just snuggled with the kids while we watched a movie before I was back to my to-do list. Making the kids happy is what made me happy. 


#3 Kissing! Yes, I said it. Make out with your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend.We kissed until we were feeling fairy tale happy. By time we were over it, I felt young again and for some reason that relaxed me a bit. Plus it was fun seeing the look on my husbands face when I said "Hey I am stressed wanna make out"?


#4 Praying. Even if you aren't religious just closing your eyes and asking a higher power for help can give you a sense of confidence to handle life. Knowing that God is there to back you. After I pray I always envision God behind me as we look onto our day, then God says "Don't worry, I've got your back" 


#5 Check out Pinterests humor section. I had like 10 minutes of free time and so I decided to try and laugh but I couldn't watch a movie and I was in a room with 2 kids who couldn't talk so I looked up humor on Pinterest and most of the pins had me rolling-on-the-floor-laughing. I was happier and not as tense for a few hours! 

Thank you so much for guesting with me today Mandi! 
You are making this move so much easier on me! 
Love yer face! 
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