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happy 2013: a look back linkup!


Can you believe 2013 is here?!
I wanted to bring you guys some 
epic New Year post...but I am still 
radiating excitement over the 
The linkup was fantastic.  
You can check out my other 
That questionnaire was so fun.
And don't forget...
The 2012 Year in Review Linkup
is open for 2 weeks! 

Here are my New Year's Kisses for you!!!

So on with the post, huh?
As usual, The "A Look Back" series is going full-force!
That means that today we're taking a look back at 1991.
If you haven't joined in on this fun series yet,
I highly encourage you to. It is so much
fun to think back on all those years passed!

It's time to take A Look Back. Dig out your old photos, dust off your old memories and share what you were up to in 1991. Then grab a button [below] and link up either here, or with Shaping Up to Be A MomThe Houtz House Party, or Absolute Mommy. We can't wait to see what you have going on.

I turned  nine years old. 
My family made a big move back down to the Houston area. 

I began the 4th grade. 
I remember... Shane J. was my first real boyfriend that year.
He was the fastest boy in the school. Yall know that was something!
He is still the most polite person I have ever met and I still have the
Valentine's Day card that he gave me back then.
'91 was the year I donned my first punk rocker costume.
There will be a few more down the road.
And I may have passed the punk rocker torch to my kiddos.
Isn't my mama gorgeous!?!

I love this one...because it's proof that I've always been
goofy with my silly faces. Ha!

Pictured below: 
At church with my Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and bebe Jordan
(who is training to be a minister now, btw)  and my family...
Daddy: making the funny face in the middle
Mom: holding Tracey with her pink bow
Me: in my favorite flowered dress with GIANT puffed sleeves!
Bub: So cute with his little white Bible.
Tia: Cute as ever..possibly wearing a dress made from left-over 80's drapes...

I don't have tons of memories of 1991. of the best...
 is a memory of my entire little family...
the six of us...
Dancing all over the living room together
 to the credits at the end of The Great Outdoors.
It's one of the last memories I have of the six
of us together...happy and laughing.. before the yucky times.

Now it's your turn! Where where you in 1991? 

Grab the button below for your post and
link up with the rest of us ALL WEEK. 
We can't wait to see what you remember!
Covered in Grace

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2012 year in review: linky party!


Hello everyone!
Welcome to the 2012 Year in Review Link Up!
My co-hosts and I are excited to have you all here at the Covered in Grace- YIR Link Up! We pour our hearts into our blogs. Our time, our energies, our creativity...they are all the tools that build our unique places on the web. Why not highlight our blogging gems from the past twelve months? Let our communities know what we're really proud of putting out there this year. The Prompt: This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2012 and share. The Linkup: What are you proud of writing this year? Link up your posts below! Linky will be open for two weeks!


I chose The Bracelet in January for a few different reasons. One: it reflects on a piece of Our Nation's history...the bombings at Pearl Harbor. Two: The photos I took of my bebes checking out said history. Three: The short story that I wrote...which is linked into this post.
Aslo check out in January: God Does Facebook, Fairy Tale, & In.Tro.Vert.


I chose Real Life for the month of February. It speaks to the writer in me. It speaks to the purposes of my blog. It reflects on why I'm here in blogland.
Also check out in February: My World Without the Interweb, Love Onion, Musical Memories, & the very first Love...on a Tuesday.


I chose Heart Healing in March. This post shares an intimate moment that I had with God. It talks about a time in my life when I felt Jesus yank me back into his arms after I'd been wandering.


I chose A Promise for the month of April. This one is so dear to me... the story behind it...what went into it. It talks of a young mother who pushed forward, despite the obstacles in her path. April was also the month that Monday Meet Up was launched.


For May, I chose this Love on a Tuesday post that talks about Love and Forgiveness. Definitely worth a read. Also... I graduated in May and launched Prayer Warriors.


June was filled with giveaways and sponsor shout outs. I do love my sponsors! The June Giveaway was/is my most-viewed blog post to date. But for this month, I had to choose the I've Got Talent Vlog Linkup! The winners were announced here.
Also check out in June: Why I Love...on a Tuesday
& the first ever:: A Look Back Linky Party!


It was hard to choose my main feature for this month...but I definitely decided that I want you to read this one the most... a bit of My Love Story. Awww. The runner up, though, is the Acts of Kindness Linkup. It was a beautiful project.
Also check out in July: Crack Bread & Love...on a Tuesday.


Oh Yah. A Letter to My Teen-aged Self is my favorite August feature.
This month was a fun one. I turned 30! And blogging was going full force here at Covered in Grace. August is my month.. Summertime is my favorite. But FAITH is what I focused on heavily here. So please...
Also check out in August: I Believe, Walk in Love, Letter to God, and Waiting.


I just couldn't resist featuring that photo. It's part of this post.
But really... for this month, I want to feature this post:: The Moment I Realized (another bit of My Love Story). I am always so nostalgic for the teenager in me who fell in love with her husband so very long ago.
Also check out in September: Finding Love in the Darkness, From This Moment, and Represent & Influence- A double Vlog.


I chose What Makes Me, Me! for October's feature. I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. October was the month for guest posters here on the blog. My family was saying Goodbye Hawaii. So things were hectic.
Also check out in October: Ask Me Anything!


It was kind of slim pickings in November, honestly. But I did really love writing this post: Comfort Foods for My Soul. Yall know... I was back in Texas, enjoying my time with family, but sooo ready to move on. Patience was something that I had to work on.
Also check out in November: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.


Heaven Forbid Familiarity was my clear choice for December. Faith writing is what the focus of Covered in Grace aspires to be. It is so easy to become jaded in this world... but Jesus didn't make his sacrifice so that we'd walk idly on through life. He wants us all.
Alright yall... That's my year in review.
Hope you enjoy! I can't wait to start
reading through all of your posts!
And just in case you missed it before...
I recently became a Scentsy Consultant!
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Covered in Grace
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