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big wheels keep on turning: re-inventing the blog.


turn I am having a moment here... I'm not sure if it's more like completing that grueling, uphill lap that you dread running, or if it's more like finally connecting that last dot or placing that last letter in the crossword, maybe something more profound, or less... but the moment is... something.

I'm drawing from a prompt or two right now in order to get the juices flowing. Tonight, I wanted to pull from a topic that was a little "easier." Nothing too deep. #32 seemed to fit the bill. This time last year, what were you writing about? Review your own blogging. So I sifted through my posts to April of last year. To be honest, there were a whopping 5 or 6 to choose from. All but one had something to do with the Monday Meet Up. It was the one year anniversary giveaway that month. The loner post, To Everything, Turn Turn Turn, caught my attention of course. So I click on it. And I fall into the deep end.


Queue the moment.

It was talking about the seasons of my heart and how I felt like my blog was about to fall into a hibernation of sorts. The tone is melancholy and tender. I find it so serendipitous that the post I was drawn to reflect upon was that particular one because now, a year later-exactly to the day (wow!), I am come full circle. I feel my "season" renewing. I feel a little spark. And I am ready to begin see what will blossom.       My desire to write is a lot more gritty and raw and ambitious than it ever has been. I feel like I'm closer than ever to making my dreams into reality. A year ago, I couldn't say that. A year ago, I was struggling with my writing voice and the need to be present elsewhere. NOW... I am ready to strip away a little bit of the fluff that I used to bring to the pages of this website and instead paint a different picture of myself and my writing. I say different because I mean different. Not truer. Not more real. There was no fake me before. But there was definitely a more careful me, and a filtered me. A me that didn't dare type the words fucker or mother bitch, even though those words have always been a common part of my daily language. life lake I don't know if that was because I felt like this website would only be uplifting with their absence...or if I was afraid to let that part of me show online. But NOW...well, it's not that I don't care, it's that I am ready. Ready to show that flaws and grit and substance as such can and will be uplifting still and that the me that exists, no matter what season I may be going through, has something good to say.I'm not writing today to announce that there will now be cussing at Covered in Grace, but rather to relay that the new voice around here has refined itself a bit. It has weathered a little bit more. And it is ready to yell and cry and whisper and laugh. Spiritual thinking is still a big part of my mission here... but I believe that a spiritual heart should not ever put on a front so as to appear "right" in the eyes of others. I know that my God is so much more vast than any set of rules or expectations that any religion could ever impose upon me. I am transparent to him. And now... I am come full circle... or maybe I am spiraling upwards. I feel a beautiful new light.

the 36 coolest blog prompts ever.


36 coolest blog prompts ever

I love writing prompts. Love them.

And... I love Pinterest. So one day, I found this pin from this blog post. And I decided that I was so on board. This chic, Kay, has come up with the coolest list of blog prompts that I have ever read. And yall, I've been blogging for a long time. Been writing for even longer.

Below, you'll find the list. Each prompt will be linked to my individual post as I publish it. That's why I have them all listed here... not to pirate Kay's brainchild...not to take all the credit for the awesome list...but so that I have central hub on my site here, yall, to find all of my posts that are born of

The Thirty Six Coolest Blog Prompts Ever.

  1. Without deleting anything, post the last 10 pictures on your photo roll on your phone. Feel free to explain OR keep us guessing.
  2. Find your last Target receipt. Post what you bought. This could be laugh out loud hilarious.
  3. Top 10 favorite Harry Potter quotes (books or movies). Any and all Harry Potter posts are my favorite.
  4. Photos of your messy house or apartment. I want to know you aren't perfect either!
  5. If you could get paid to write a sponsored post about anything, what would it be?
  6. Go ahead and write that non-sponsored sponsored post.
  7. A quick pro and con list on blogging. It's not all rainbows and butterflies, be honest.
  8. The worst movie you've ever seen. (and how would you make it better?)
  9. If you could be an actor in a TV show, which TV show would you choose and why?
  10. Write me a short story. Include me in it if you must. (wink wink)
  11. Photo an hour! I love those!
  12. Plan a pretend vacation to a place you really want to visit.
  13. Just list a ton of really corny jokes.
  14. The last time you cried. Tell me all about it, girl!
  15. A DIY post. I'm a sucker for all things DIY.
  16. A thank you note to an inanimate object. (hi, sweet sweet memory foam mattress, thank you so)
  17. Where do you write your blog posts? Show me, tell me!
  18. Write an opinion or rant about a popular news headline right now (missing Malaysian airplane, anyone?)
  19. Test a bunch of different chocolate chip cookies recipes and post which one is actually "the best"!
  20. Create a survey! Major bonus points for pie charts and colorful graphs afterwards with the results.
  21. Live blog a TV show or movie.
  22. Live blog your day!! OMG, DO THIS!
  23. Top 5 favorite wines.. List 'em. Now.
  24. A Q&A with you grandma or grandpa!
  25. What supernatural things do you believe in or not? (aliens, bigfoot, ghosts, etc.)
  26. Top 10 things you've learned from Criminal Minds. (i could probably make a top 25)
  27. Tell me about your morning routine. I'm nosey.
  28. Twitter worldwide trending topics, chat about them.
  29. Instagram popular page.. Let's talk about them
  30. Pick an object (or two or three), don't tell us what it is, describe it, then have us guess!
  31. Live blog a party.
  32. This time last year, what were you writing about? Review your own blogging.
  33. Write a very detailed step by step guide of a simple task. Make it funny, kids!
  34. Take a photo of your desk RIGHT NOW and explain yourself.
  35. If it wasn't illegal, would you do it?
  36. Make a list of blog post ideas.
So yall, to further prove that I'm not jacking that list, check out the original post by pressing that button just below. And let Kay know if you end up posting via her inspiration...and that Covered in Grace sent ya! Yeaaah Buddy!

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