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polka I have been sitting in silence for so long now. I am unsettled... still.

I am still uprooted. At least-- I feel that way.

But I miss blogging, spammit.

So I'm gonna take the blogger's lazy route today and pump up the pages of CiG with one of these juicy suckers.

Currently, I am...

Eating:  a home-made chocolate & peanut butter chip cookie that my 13 (next month) year old just brought me.

ok... can we pause for a minute and just stand gape-jawed at that?!!!  THIRTEEN!!!!

::the cookie was delicious, btw.

Purchasing:  um... I am on the hunt for a really awesome, totally unique phone case for my Galaxy 4. No one seems to make anything good for anything but the dumb iphones.  =/ Boo. I really want one of these.


Looking Forward To: RV camping and 4-wheeling all weekend with my hubby and kiddos and our bachelor-friend down in Luray, VA. Caverns, here I come!!

Contemplating: I would actually manage my time as a "stay at home" / work from home lady. I think the opportunity is coming...and I would welcome it with open arms. I want to get serious about marketing and publishing. Really serious.

Listening To: I"m Gonna Find Another You, by John Mayer, on my bombdotcom Pandora station "Dave Matthews Radio".

:: my husband was just so cheesy, ie: so cute, and said... "awww! I could never find another you!"

Reading: A Dragonfly in Amber, by Diana Gabaldon.  I'm making my way through the entire Outlander series again before the 8th book comes out next Spring.  I can't wait. I'm also really excited for the TV series they're doing on Starz for the Outlander book!


Thinking About: How cold my feet are. I know. That's boring. But it's freaking freezing my basement. And where are my glasses?

Feeling:  See above?  No...really, I've been feeling unsettled lately, like I said before. I'm really craving that slower-pace lifestyle that I was leading back in Hawaii.

Craving: I guess I'm getting ahead of myself.    :: feeling nostalgic.


Ending This:  one) because I'm so cold. Holeee crap dude.  two) It's definitely time to go to bed. I'm gonna drag my hubby up the stairs and kiss the bebes goodnight...and probably fall asleep while watching Big Fish, because that's what is in the DVD player right now.

What you doing right now?

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