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what’s in a belle’s bag?



Hey Yall!! My girl Tif of Ramblings of a Southern Belle is here today to share with you what's in her bag! I had so much fun showing you what's in my bag a while back that I wanted her to to it too!! Check her out!

Hi Brooke!  Thanks for having me here...and a HUGE hello and hug to all of your amazing readers! So...Brooke asked me "What do you carry in your purse?" I thought...oh no...the dreaded question!  LOL!  Have you ever dropped your purse and been horrified that people can see what you carry in your bag?  I HAVE! But hey...I'm a girl...I gotta have what I need at all never know what you may need! This is what I had in my purse TODAY...sometimes there is less...sometimes A LOT more: 1.  This is my's not designer...not anymore! Why? Because my identity was stolen after (as the police think) my license was scanned through my wallet.  You have 4 of your 5 most valuable pieces of information on that license!  I had NO IDEA this could happen...but it did.  So, as the officer suggested...I got an aluminum wallet to help safeguard my identity.  Sad...but...worth it.
 photo wallet_zps9eb05909.jpg
2. Not pictured...but I always have my camera...I'm using it to take the photos! LOL!
3. Next up is my newest crush in perfume! Prada "Candy". I got it for Christmas and I love it! Yes...I have been cheating on my Juicy Couture with Prada...I admit it. :o)
 photo pradacandy_zpsa77d1c76.jpg
4.  Next up is my  new FAVORITE brush! It has little absorbent tentacles (well that is what I call that aid in helping your hair dry faster when blow drying!
 photo brush_zpsa8f79b14.jpg 5.  I always TRY and carry a journal or some type of never know when you may need to take notes!
 photo journal_zps04785114.jpg
6. Now...y'all who know me...know I love me some high heels...but even this girl gets tired feet! I LOVE these little fold up shoes by RedFoot! When I'm over the heels...I just pop these babies on and keep on going!
 photo shoes1_zpsa700e29a.jpg
7.  Since my "wallet" is a little "file folder", I needed a change purse.  I found this adorable!  I found a green one...which just found it's home on Sunday with my friend Amy!
 photo changepurse_zpsc83e4050.jpg
8.  GOTTA have my makeup bag! I love this little one I found for CHEAP and it's a pretty little Ralph Lauren bag!
 photo makeupbag_zps065b6a1e.jpg
9. cell phone...don't even get me started on it!  Ok...I'm started...I truly believe I am the ONLY woman without a "smart phone" like an iPhone!  I hate my phone...BUT it's good enough for calls and texting!  I do have the new iPod that does ALMOST everything the iPhone does.
 photo cell_zpsf9012137.jpg
10.  Speaking of the iPod...this one is MINE...I love it! is the TAPS app you see! eh hem! The only thing I can't do is call people and I have not found anywhere I've been where I can link up with Wi-fi!  Otherwise...when I'm home I can get online with it.  Someday I will have an iPhone...someday! (Right now...paying off our home is PRIORITY #1...and I think that is a pretty darn good reason to not have an iPhone)
 photo ipod_zpsac4b2d3a.jpg
11.  I have GOT to have pens...I try and keep 2...but nevertheless...I usually end up saying "Anyone got a pen I can use?"
 photo pens_zpscd3d8d07.jpg
12.  I LOVE my little fold up fan! It folds up like those vehicle dash board's perfect for the woman on the go...with HOT me!
 photo fan_zpsfaba2c76.jpg
13.  My favorite item in my purse! It's called "The Clinging Cross" you can wrap your fingers around it tightly...and I do...often...when I feel lost, alone,'s great for prayer! Sigh....
 photo clinging_zpsdfccaaf6.jpg
14.  Digital voice a MUST for me!  I love writing songs...and most of the time if I DO NOT get it down's's usually gone before I can even jot it down.
 photo digital_zps1544be1c.jpg
15.  Lens cleaning wipes...don't leave home without them!  I know most of my photos show me without glasses...but unfortunately...I do have to wear them.  I also can NOT STAND for my iPod and phone to have smudges on them...drives me up the OCD wall!
 photo lens_zps732104aa.jpg
And it all fits nice and neat in my new Michael Kors tote!
 photo purse_zpsad9f6912.jpg
SO...what is the most important thing you have in your bag? (aside from the obvious wallet :oP )


southern belle birthday bash giveaway!



Hey Everyone!! I am helping my girl, Tif, to celebrate her birthday with this wonderful giveaway!!!

The prizes are awesome! And I'm donating a little Scentsy some'n some'n.

Check out her blog today for a more detailed, eye-full of all the excellent prizes!!

And enter here!!


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