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14 Different Homemade Halloween Costumes!

I love dressing up, Yall. Love it. Today, while at work, you'll definitely see me sporting something new. Be sure to check out my Instagram feed for a peek at my costume. I just might be rocking a faux-hawk!

gypsies Since dressing up is so much fun, and I've done more than my fair share over the last several years, I thought I'd share just the Halloween costumes that my family and I have worn. All but two of them were completely homemade. I love piecing together the costumes on my own...I think they look a bit more authentic that way. ūüėČ

Last year in 2012, Riley and I were Gypsies together.

We pieced together stuff we had in our closets...adding big earrings, scarves on our heads and dark eye makeup.

It definitely spoke to my inner-gypsy. I felt so natural in this costume. Ha!


Tay was a nerd and her shirt was so stinking clever. I love it. She added pink duct tape to her shirt to make suspenders and then went nuts with her markers.

2011 was one of my favorite costume years. 

I got lucky and had two opportunities to dress up.

The Black Window Bunko Party that I hosted was a blast. We all dressed in "funeral" garb. Again, I pieced together stuff I had in my closet. The only thing I ended up buying was the bird. The Mummy costume that I ended up making for our Halloween party is still one of my favorites ever. It was soooo comfortable and super easy to create. I used an old white skirt, ripped strips of it off, and then sewed them back on to create length and give it a "mummy" look. The awesome thing about it is that I didn't have to be perfect!


Lucas was a monk.. He was awesome. He even shaved his head for it!!! This is one of the two store-bought costumes.


The girls' costumes were a particular fav of mine that year. They're so creative. (Well...I did help.)

Riley was in love with the newest movie version of Red Riding Hood, and Taylor was very into elves that year. I whipped up a cape for Riley and dressed her in some loose, over-sized clothes of mine. Turned out perfect. And Tay re-used my white "fairy" dress (you'll see that a few more times below) and added some of her own stuff to make it look elvish. She even made her own bow and arrows from sticks and vines she found in the yard. I sewed up her quiver and boot covers using some old brown scraps that I had.

girlies  2010 Homemade Costumes 

I was a beer wench that year...and I loved the costume...but that Halloween goes down in history as the boob-Halloween. So I'll spare you the pics. The girls did a great job again. This time, Riley is sporting the 2nd of the two store-bought costumes...but we put our own flare on it....cutting up the skirt and sewing on strips of red cloth to the top and bottom. Taylor's Mad Scientist cracks me up. This was a super easy homemade costume. We used things we had around the house and she pulled it all together and rocked it with her amazing personality!


 2009 Homemade Costumes 

In 2009 we spent Halloween back in Texas. My younger sister and I dressed as witches (my first time ever) and tried to emulate the Sanderson Sisters a little bit. I don't have a pic of our skirts, but they were amazing. I shredded up scraps of black fabric and pinned them to a band of elastic. These things were huge!! We pulled black tops out of our closets, added some cheap hats... fun, easy, homemade.


The kiddos were trying to be scary that year. We bought a couple of black wigs, added some crazy makeup and they became Frankenstein's Bride and a Vampire. Taylor's white dress was an old hand-me-down and Riley wore some black clothes under a cape that we whipped up from some extra fabric my grandma had.


 2008 Homemade Costumes 

That year, Lucas and I dressed as vampires. You'll see me in that same white dress that Tay wore in 2011. We rented out a VIP booth in a San Francisco club with some friends who also dressed as vampires. The white dress was a re-use for me that year and the black girdle thing was something I'd had from years and years before. The boots were hand-me-downs from my baby sister (they're the same boots I wore for the Black Widow Bunko costume.) Lucas just wore his own black clothes...and I still cannot believe that I was able to convince him to paint his nails black. Ha!! Our teeth were clip-ons and looked so real! Makeup bite marks finished things off.


 2007 Homemade Costumes 

'07 was the first year that we rented the VIP booth with our Cali friends. That year was the first that I wore that white dress. My girlfriends and I were Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water fairies. My wings were I got the dress at a costume shop and tossed everything else that went with it. Maybe it was a bride costume originally? Or an angel? Anyways... I added some flowers, my curls, flowery trim up my leg... and became the "wind" fairy. The great thing about that costume was that went I took the wings off, it doubled as a spartan lady to go with my hubby's spartan warrior get up.


The list goes on and on as almost all of my parties are dress up parties. It's just too much fun to create different characters.

I already can't wait for next year!!

typically late. life of the party?


I love writing prompts. I love photo blog prompts. Pretty much... I like anything that helps me to maintain a daily writing habit. And every time I've taken a challenge on in the past, they've worked out. I'll never forget making it through every single last day in the 100 Day Photo Challenge. Even if those posts where not some of my best (like say...this one.) I still showed up every day. So I decided to join in the Blogtember Challenge, created by this chic, who I found via Lena's post. I'm 2 weeks late. Go figure. But I'm here. And I've got to laugh. Because the very freakin first prompt I'm joining in for is the SELFIE.


So there I am... as I type this. No running to the mirror to fix anything. Just left over makeup from work. Messy hair. No lipstick. And a glare on my glasses...because I effing need them now. Especially at nighttime. The photo on the left is the original-(no photo-shopping). But I like the dark hair in the middle photo. That'd be the cross-process. I use the super FREE, super awesome Photoscape to shop my pics. You can learn more about that here.

I guess, to play a little catch up here, and because Friday & Monday's prompts go hand in hand I think... I want to dabble a little in Monday's prompt. So I took this quiz to find out what my personality "type" is. No surprise. It labeled me an "Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving" type. (Extravert(44%)  Sensing(50%)  Feeling(88%)  Perceiving(44)%) I love what it says about me. It's pretty much right on (my husband agrees, too). I especially love the following snippets...taken from the website...and paired up with my photo, of course.


I have no idea if I'll actually get around to linking this up. I can't exactly log on at work and do it. And as it is my nature to always be running late, I probably won't have time in the morning. We'll see. But a special shout out to Jenni for Blogtember, and also to Lena..who I luv.

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