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Photo an Hour for the 36


A week or so ago, I followed this prompt and had so much fun taking a photo an hour. Some of you saw it happen in real time over on my Instagram feed under the #photoanhour & #coveredingrace hashtags. But for those of you who missed it…check out the day via this

Photo an Hour: Blog Prompt Challenge


The first photo of the day. The challenge begins. My back door.

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Gonna be my friend today!! Sleepy!!!

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Worn in leather! My favorite boots ever!

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Music at work!

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Looks like it’s time for another “what’s in my bag” post. Holy Moly.

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Using my phone as a mirror at work…trying to look a little more awake.. Hagrid filter from Pixlromatic.

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt



Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


#tbt my 4th ever instagram photo. From my days in Hawaii.

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Apples are coming right along. I can’t wait to see what kind they are. #applecreek

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


#musicofmysoul GRUNGE = L♡VE 

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


work day is done dude

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


me and my bebe

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


not taking my own advice… kitchen is a wreck

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


bluebonnets on my basement wall!

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


Trying to decide whether or not to cut about 5-ish inches off my hair… possible before picture here.

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt


last one of the day. Good night.

Photo an Hour @ Covered in Grace, Blog Prompt

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.


25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I live in the same city as the very first United States railroad house… the B&O Railroad. Cool!!! It is like..5 minutes from my place.

2. My face is transparent. Not like you can see through my skin to some whacked out muscle-skeleton craziness…but in that if I think you are whacked out and you are looking at me, you’re gonna know it. Hehe.

3. I really love geeky shows. I once choose to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on Mother’s Day over anything else.

4. Speaking of geeks, I am totally stoked and proud that my daughters are into the more “geeky” things in life: reading, drawing, Dr. Who, comic cons… they could care less about the Beibster. Thank. The. Lord. They definitely break the typical stereotypes.

5.When I was 25/26 I ate Burger King three and four times a week, sometimes more. And I also went through a phase then where I ate ranch wheat thins with pepper jack cheese and strawberries every single day. I was 40 pounds lighter back then. And I eat salads all the freaking time now. What the what?!

6. I am currently, slowly, working toward becoming a full-time freelancer. Right now, I’m in the brooding, starving artist stage.

7. I lay awake at night sometimes just dreaming about the things I want to do to my house. It’s an obsession that I’m losing sleep over. And energy drinks have become my evil friend.

8. Ok, so you might already know this… but I want to be a hippie and a gypsy when I grow up. I want to always wear boho clothes and flip flops and have sun kissed hair because I spend too many hours in a hammock. I want to make a creative living and say things like “peace and love” to all the people. Peace and love.

9. I would love to be a Picker. You know that show on the History Channel, American Pickers? Just let me ride along and find the junk too, guys? I would be in hog heaven. Yeaaaaah buddy.

Mike with Bike

10. I could watch the movie, You’ve Got Mail over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over… The violins sing-i-ing with joy-oy-oy-oyful ring-i-ing!

11. I would rather scrub the toilets than do the laundry. Laundry…is like… the worst chore EVER.

12. When I was a little girl, I thought that being a flight attendant would be the best job ever. I still do. And maybe one day, I’ll just hop on a plane and make it happen.

13. My Grandparents once shut down the entire Paris airport on their way to see me when I lived in Germany. What, what?! True story. I’m going to have to write a post about that one.

14. My family just recently expanded… we adopted a new baby. Her name is Lady. And now, I might just be walking a thin line to becoming a crazy cat lady.  adopting a new kitten: love our little Lady

15. When I was in second grade, I was in the school spelling bee. I misspelled my first word. It was lifeguard. Still to this day I second-guess myself when I write or type that word.

16. The teenage girl in me always re-falls in love with Leo every time I see Romeo and Juliet.. or Titanic.. or any DiCaprio flick. (And I totally just spliced a couple of images together like a fan-geek.)

when Romeo predicts that Jack will sink

17. I have tons of partially finished website projects going on right now. And I am pretty sure, as you might have notice from the image up top, that I’m going to open up shop at sometime in the near future. #myheadspins

18. I have a fascination with old buildings, chipping paint, and rusty things. Perhaps that why I would be the next great picker. I have files and files of rusty junk and mossy brick photos. See a tiny, tiny sampling here.

19. I frequently reference Friends on the daily. Wait… did I just say that? Can you…HEAR the lameness oozing out of my mouth?!  I KNOW!

20. I often laugh at just how dorky I am.

21. One of my favorite meals ever is “home made turkey sausage and rice.” And it’s not sausage at all. And I learned the recipe when I did the 6 Week Body Makeover. It’s like comfort food now.

22. I miss the 90’s. The mauve and cranberry lipsticks. The slicked back ponytails. Overalls. Doc Martens. Flannel plaids. Baby Doll shoes. Plaid skirts and knee highs. Grunge. Clueless. 10 Things I Hate About You. Ska Music!! Can I be a part-time hippie and part-time Clueless extra?

23. My prom dress, homecoming dress, and a Christmas party dress I once wore where all the same shiny blue color. I wore the prom dress and the homecoming dress both two times. Oh yah… I also bought a ball gown for the Air Force Ball that was the same exact color as the rest of them. I never wore that one.

24. This boy I knew in junior high school used to call me Boat Feet. I wore these sweet roman style sandals (before that was a Forever 21 trend) back in the 90’s… apparently that kid thought they looked more like a roman canoe than trendy foot wear. Jerk Face.

25. I tend to pick up local slang wherever I live…and then continue using it long after I’ve moved away. Right now, I sound like a Texan-German-country-ghetto-Hawaiian-valley girl. Wrap your head around that, yall.

Peace & Love


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