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Today's post was inspired by Our Reflections' Photo Challenge
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The topic for this week was FACELESS. 

I had a few images in mind when I started looking through the shots I've taken.
But then I remembered this one. 
I love how the wind has whipped my bebe's hair up in the air. 
She looks like a mermaid out of water. 
...dreaming of things far off...

I can always count on this one for a good "looking out over the distance" photo. 
She has really grown to appreciate all the beauty that is in creation. 
My sweet Angel... 


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I am so scary! OoooOo

It's Halloween weekend! So of course I was dressing up.
I don't miss a costume party. 😉

Half the people thought I was an undone roll of toilet paper. =/
And others said it was obvious what I was going for.
Really, I just wanted something flattering, comfortable and different from all the other mummy costumes you see out there.
So I ripped up a old sun dress and rearranged some pieces, added some cheese cloth and violà!

The hair and makeup was fun. I think I used half a stick of eye liner and tons of black eye shadow. There was some silver thrown in there too, for highlighting my cheek bones and brow bones. And...I'll just say... the hairspray is gone. Ha! 

I don't know what else to say...but there you have it. Another Project 365 photo.

And of course... a bathroom pic for my girl, Tabatha. No dress up party will ever be complete without one. 😉 


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