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pin-spiration 36: i should have been a hippie.



At least... I think so.

My husband has always sort of made fun of me for my clothing I've always been drawn to the flowy, peasanty topish, maxi dress, cream & white linen and lace gorgeousness in the stores. Even back when I was a little girl, my favorite shirts had  peasant top look. I remember one in particular...I called it my Vada shirt.



I was looking at my Pinterest board: Brookish a couple of days ago and there are so many boho inspired outfits on there...


Man... if I ever won the of the things I'd do--after some major partying and gift-giving (and all the good and noble things I've always said I'd do with lottery money) is buy every single thing in my Pinterest Closet.... starting with the hippie clothes.

And I'd definitely be rocking some major Disfunkshion Magazine amazingness...
My Spanish Professor (from last summer) is the Editor of this awesome mag. DEFINITELY check it out!
  I actually own most of the stuff in the image above... that's my purse, and those are my boots! Yaya! Anyways... I know that there are tons of non-hippie things in that dream closet of mine... I don't like to pin myself down into one category really...but I think I come by this bohemian persona honestly.  I remember this one time, back in Hawaii, an acquaintance that we'd spent a lot of time with was talking with me about something (that slips my mind now) and I distinctly remember him saying, "Of course. You're a freaking hippie!"   Ha! hippie2 What a posed picture, right? But these kinds of clothes were pretty typical of me while I lived there. Maxi dresses, lacy tops, flowy fabrics, loose hair, and no bra.... Yah, I'll admit it. I hate wearing bras. Of the 3 years that I spent living in the Aloha state, I wore a bra probably about a month's worth of the time (not including sports bras for hiking and exercise). I found out later that I was kind of known for that amongst my friends. Hahaha.  In the "hippie-ish" montage below every image has at least an element of boho...and I can verify that I'm sporting support for the girls in ONE of the pics. AH! (Now...back on the mainland...and back in an office environment, bras are a must. Hm!) hippie4

WHY am I sharing this with all of you?? I dunno...

perhaps it's because I'm craving a taste of my free-spirited days back on the island where the weather is warm and I was able to let my inner-flower child roam free. Or maybe it's because I've been trying to figure out a way to work a little BOHO into my professional wardrobe... I feel the need to unleash some hippie on Maryland. Guess it's time to go buy some feathers and tribal fabrics.

pin-spiration 35: 12 days of Christmas.


Linking up with Three31's 12.12.12 today! 

On the first day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
A Bloomin' Onion Bre-ead Thingy

On the second day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Two outfit ideas

On the third day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Three cute spoon charms

On the fourth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Four new tutorials

On the fifth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..

On the sixth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Six pizza pinwheels

On the seventh day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Seven berry mojitos

On the eighth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Eight minutes of stretching

On the ninth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Nine more crafty projects

On the tenth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Ten scarf tutorials

On the eleventh day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Eleven Christmas Joys

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Pinterest gave to me..
Twelve Santa brownies
Eleven Christmas Joys  -  Ten scarf tutorials  -  Nine more crafty projects  -  Eight minutes of stretching  -  Seven berry mojitos  -  Six pizza pinwheels  -  THESE AWEEEESOOOOOME BOOTS!  -  Four new tutorials  -  Three cute spoon charms  -  Two outfit ideas  -  AND....
A Bloomin' Onion Bre-ead Thingy

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