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roll call: camera pics for the 36.


My photo roll is long. Like. Waiting in line for Disney ride long. Lately though, it's been featuring birth and creation. And that's because winter is finally over!! I have always loved snapping shots of flowers. So it's no surprise that the last 10 photos on my phone's camera roll feature some the sweet little beauties that have been budding in my backyard here at Apple Creek.

I so love the warmer weather. And everything that comes with it.

10pics a

We have a couple of apple trees that survive the dozen or so that once threw shade over the hills at Apple Creek. That first photo on the left features one of the buds that just popped out over the weekend. I can't wait to see those trees go through all their unique apple stages. As for those white, quarter-sized flowers, I have no idea what they are. But I love.

10pics b

I built the foundation for our fire pit (that we used for s'mores on Saturday) last weekend from some old pavers and 3 buckets of red "gravel" stuff that I found in our shed. We inherited all sorts of goodies when we bought this place. I told Lucas that the fire pit was meant to happen. I think a swim pond is also meant to happen. Because this house came with a great big yard that needs one.

10pics c

10pics d

That one was blurry. But it was one of the ten. And then.... there was this one. It was taken 2 days before all the pretty, springy flower photos. I added the text of course. Because, you know. It's too f^(king cold.

10pics e

And last but not least, there was a selfie. Because, honestly, there are dozens and gajillions of selfies on my phone. I have no idea what I was doing. Being a dork.  10pics f

at dusk.


duskquoteLG900 At dusk. This time of day has always been a peaceful one for me. There is rest. Completion. Release. The colors in the sky are beautiful. The air, even when it's cold, has a warmth to it. It is my favorite time of day. Maybe it's the nostalgia that lies there within the darkening hours. Memories of fireflies and late kick ball games linger in the dusk for me. Old barns and first kisses dance around in those hours. I think that I must equate dusk with youth. And I am fond of youth, in the same way that I am fond of wisdom and experience and years. When I was a teenager I wrote the kinds of stories that I would want to pick up off the shelves and read. Love stories. With the kinds of details that I longed to experience myself. I gave them names that meant something to me, that evoked feelings of love, passion, and me. It must come as no surprise then that a favorite of mine carries the name, Just Before Dusk. Perhaps one day I will bring that story around into its novel form. Because the hearts of young girls are mostly steady...and they still enjoy reading about love. duskcolors900 It's been so long since I've tapped the keys here at Covered in Grace. I wonder if you've forgotten me, dear reader. I wonder how you keep your flame burning, how you continue to fill the pages of your space with articles that people come back for again and again. I wonder if you're just going through the I was, or felt like I was. I wonder if you still write because it's your passion or if you create content to facilitate a blogging agenda that you didn't really intend. I was. Now, I'm coming back to the heart of my passion. I am taking steps to create something for myself, and in turn for my family, that will carry me down a path of growth. I've been working on some things... Re-gaining a daily writing habit is going to be one of them. And this is the place where that will happen. Because writers write. My most creative and fruitful phases as a writer took place when I was ACTIVE in the writing community, whether that meant it was a blogging network, a writing workshop, or my own lonely community of one. And more times than not, those glorious days were often run by prompts. Which brings me here.

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