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self-portrait deux.


Well, the Peachy Pics Challenge has finally come to an end.
It has been a really fun photo challenge for me.
I got to work on a few photog skills and mess around with my new camera like crazy.
Yall know I was loving it!
Learning the settings on that thing is a challenge in and of itself, but this 30-day Challenge has really forced me to go beyond my old limitations and explore more than the regular old built in settings.
I can now say that I know a smidget of what all the great photographers that I admire know.

Now, I'm looking forward to the next photo challenge ...the random things.
Check back really soon for kick off!

And so... for today's last Peachy Pic,
self-portrait deux.
<--Me, driving home from school.
Don't worry.
I was sitting at a red light.
Safety first. 😉

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the source of this fun challenge.

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black and white.


Still learning this new camera. 
I had to look up how to even switch to black and white {which is actually monochrome} on my new toy.
And I forced asked my girlies to be models again. 
These two are a couple of my favorite shots.

This photo challenge was inspired by the list @


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