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and so it begins.


The next month and a half are going to be such a whirlwind for me and my little family. I don't really talk about my husband's job here at all... but you all know I'm a military wife. Soon, I'll be adding a "veteran" prefix onto that title. We're about to move again...and as we make the transition from military life to civilian life, from Hawaii to Maryland... I know that we are bound to face any number of obstacles. Our travels will take us through Texas, where our families all live-some who we haven't seen for almost three years- and onto Maryland... a new place, unfamiliar, strange, beautiful, and our new home...indefinitely.

I can't tell you all how nervous and excited and overwhelmed I feel. There are so many emotions that I'm feeling, that I'm dealing with. There are even more real, physical obstacles that I'm working on overcoming as we fly out into the unknown. Moving is not something that's new to my family, but it never gets any only becomes more familiar.

As we begin this new chapter in our lives, I ask you all for your prayers. I trust that God has great and mighty plans for us. I know that he is taking us down a path that we are definitely able to navigate with him.

Over the next month and a half... I'll still be around here in blogland. This community means so much to me. I am so blessed with such a great group of people to network and communicate with. Your support and friendship is a blessing. And, while I'll still be around, checking emails, tweeting, reading, chatting, etc., I've recruited some help from some of my wonderful friends here to help me out with my post content during this time. I can tell you all now...these are posts that you won't want to miss out on. As they are all already scheduled, I've read them and am floored by the wonderful messages that these women have written out...just for you and me.

I can't wait to be settled again...but until then, I'm gonna ride the wave that God has sent in for me.

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happy 4th.


I have such great respect and gratitude for the men and women that have served our country in (and out) of times of battle and war...and for those that serve today. I thank them. I support them. I am proud to stand with them...Proud to be an American. 

I can't help but feel a great sense of nostalgia and comfort when this time of year rolls around. Military Bases all over the world celebrate big each 4th of July. As a military family, we've been to so many flight line festivals and carnivals. There's always food and beer and music and people who bleed the same red, white and blue that you do. There's always a sense of pride at these military 4th of July celebrations that you don't witness anywhere else. It makes me proud to be part of this family.

For me, this day symbolizes a way of life, a home away from home, a nomadic family of heroes and warriors that will always be a part of me. It's a time to honor the fallen and celebrate what they've sacrificed for. It's a time to remember and a time to stand strong together.

While we're living here in Hawaii...we're taking advantage of some of the unique opportunities that exist here on this beautiful island. The military history here is overwhelming. For the past two years, we've spent the 4th on Pearl Harbor Naval Station, enjoying the festivities and camaraderie. The thing that will always stand out in my mind, though, about our Independence Days in Hawaii is seeing the fireworks go off above the dry docks of our Nation's Pacific Fleet. It is amazing. And it takes my breath away...every time.

We love hanging out on the grass across from the ships and enjoying friends, food, and the music that wafts out from the fields behind us. It's always a good time. And I'm so glad that my daughters get to experience such a wonderful tradition.

I want to leave you all with a little song that you've, no doubt, heard before.
I love how he sings, "May God thou glorify."
YAH Baby!
Happy 4th Yall!

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