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Hey Everyone!
The following is actually a guest post that I put together for my sweet, sweet friend, Tif @ Ramblings of a Southern Belle. It should be going live today. =D

Today, I want to talk to you all about living the life you are meant to live.

I recently attended a seminar for Scentsy Consultants. It was everything you'd expect from an event like products, motivational speeches, amazing people... One of the speakers in particular stood out to me though. She spoke about projecting wellness and goodness and how the effects of their actions ultimately benefit you and the people that surround you. Her story told of a woman who had harbored negativity and the mundane and merely moved through the motions each day. And that same woman turned her life around for the betterment of her family, her business, and ultimately (and no less importantly) herself. She began sending out love and generosity. She began taking care of herself both spiritually and physically. She let God help her make things happen. She brought herself to life, if you will.
I think the quote above pretty much sums up her attitude change. It embodies what rang loud and clear at a time in her life when she pretty much felt spent. And that is what also rang loud and clear to me as I sat in the massive crowd of excited Scentsy Lovers.
For a while now I've been battling the same things that many women battle each day: a busy schedule, body image, fatigue, poor self-image, lack of ambition (or direction)...depression. And like so many others, I let all of those things spiral me down into a hole that I had no idea how to climb out of. Without keeping those things in check, without the proper outlet to purge them all, it's easy to fall into a rut and dwell there in self-pity.

There is a way out!

Poor self image is one of the most common things that people, notably women, suffer from and deal with. I know I don't have to expound on the topic; you all know the spiel. It saddens me how we all let things like body shape, wealth, talent, and ability define our self-worth with nothing more than shallow societal preconceptions. What about our brilliant uniqueness? What about our amazing minds? What about our beautiful souls?
After many, many years of battling all of these things I have finally started to embrace something amazing....

Realizing this...

That God made me so uniquely and intentionally... That he does not make mistakes... That his works are wonderful and powerful... and that I AM ONE OF THEM... Yall... this has literally set me free. Realizing this, and embracing this...and actually letting God purge me of the mental oppression that I've been living with...has allowed me to begin the healing process. It has allowed me to genuinely send out those good vibes and amazing love that I have been blessed with. I know that God has created me with purpose and intent. I haven't been placed on this Earth to sit around and wallow in sadness and depression. I haven't been sent here to create negativity or disdain for myself or others. I have been blessed with life and graced with love. And I am meant to share that. Christ calls us to share the love, yall. He wants it to ooze out of our souls and touch every bit of our lives. whyhow I believe that when we realize our self-worth-that God made us with intent- it becomes easy to apply this good-vibey, pay-it-forward mentality to anything and everything in our lives. His love and goodness can translate into every facet of our being... Our jobs family talents dreams relationships self esteem body image spirituality ....any endeavor that we set out upon. When we realize why we want to make something happen, the how it's gonna happen becomes easy. I realize that I am supposed to share Christ's love. I realize that I am beautiful in his eyes...that I am a wonderful creation built with purpose and intent. I realize now that I WANT to share his love and emanate wellness and peace. I want it to touch every part of my it is becoming easier and easier to do. It is important to me. It is part of who I am. As I sat there in that Scentsy seminar, I was reminded of how goodness and love beget goodness and love. That woman's story, her testimony of faith and new-found purpose...they inspired me. I could see myself in her and I'll never forget her words from that day. As I sat there in a room oozing with ambition, I was reminded of how God's reach touches every bit of my life. He doesn't just want my heart, he doesn't just want my family, my prayers... he wants it all. He wants me to let him into everything...even my Scentsy biz. His love was evident there in that room that day. And I plan to carry on the torch and let it shine over everything in my path.

I hope you'll carry one to!!

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finding love in the darkness.


Sometimes it's hard to walk in love. In the midst of tragedy, in the midst of loss, love often gets pushed by the wayside to make room for other feelings. Confusion, chaos, heartbreak, sadness, anger...fear. It is so, so easy to let those emotions take over. It's so easy to lose sight of the goodness that still lingers.We find ourselves questioning our purpose and our beliefs. We find ourselves questioning God.

On a day like to today, those emotions tend to rear their ugly heads. It's as if the embers of some internal fire have been reignited, sending a melting pot of suffering, pain and strife into a roiling, stormy battle within you. They bubble toward the surface until they're boiling over and scalding everything around them. Everything you see, everything you care about is touched by it. It is blinding and restricting and suffocating.

I, I know...that so many of us feel anger toward God when we are faced with hardship. Cancer, death, innocent life lost, divorce, disaster, evil...they wreak havoc on our lives and on our hearts. We question God's presence in these situations. How can he stand by and let these horrible things happen? If he loves us so, why doesn't he stop it all?

As I sit here now, I don't really have the words that will satisfy those two questions. I do know that God suffers as we suffer. I know that his purpose and his will are something far beyond anything that we can ever begin to really understand. And that one day, when we are sitting at his feet, it will all become clear and we will be at peace eternally with him.

But days like today...they make it hard to accept that. It is too easy to vividly remember the tragedy that ensued those 11 years ago, or to face each day with sickness and pain. It is so easy to haul around those feelings of hate and anger and resentment.'s way too easy to turn away from Jesus.

I once heard a radio DJ talk about having a real relationship with God: the kind you might have with your spouse, child or parent...the kind where you can tell that person whatever it is that you're feeling no matter what they may think or do...because you know, without a doubt, that they love you so much and that, no matter what, they will never leave you or stop loving you.

God wants to have that raw, emotional, passionate relationship with us. 

He wants us to bear our souls to him without fear or worry of anything because he loves us so, because he already knows how we hurt, and because he wants to take care of us. He has already suffered the cross so that we can live in his mercy and that we can rest in his peace. We need not turn away from the Lord in times of suffering and loss. We need only to call on tell him what it is we're feeling, whether it be anger, confusion, resentment, sadness, or defeat. He can take it. And he will keep on loving us and carrying us through. No matter what.

I am reminded of this song that we used to sing in my high school youth group...

"Lord, Sometimes it gets so tough, 
to keep my eyes on you when things are going rough. 
But then I turn my eyes up to the sky and I hear a voice. 
And it says to me...
Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, 
and him will make your path straight."

In all your ways. 

God wants us, in all of our happiness and in anger, in joy and in sadness. He is ready to carry us through anything. Jesus has already won the ultimate battle for us. We can carry on because he has equipped us with everything we'll ever need to live out our lives... HIS LOVE.

It may not be clear now why God allows the world to turn as it does. What is clear, however, is that he will never turn away from us. He will always be waiting with open arms. He is ready for whatever you've got. So fire away.

Cast your burdens on Jesus and he will sustain you. 

I want to close out today by sharing this song with you all. 
Just hit play, sit back, and let the words roll around in your heart. 

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