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This year is already flying by...I can't believe it's April already. But let me tell you, I am ready for the sun to come OUT and stay for a while. I have major plans for "when the sun is out again," most of which include some major creative projects that I've got up my sleeve. So what better way to celebrate the sun and its return...and my finally being able to release my inner creative bug....than with The Creative Exchange Link Up!  Kelly, Michaela, and I are so excited to have you all share what sort of crafty goodies you've come up with for your swap partner.  So be sure and link up below!

This round, I was paired up with a super crafty lady, and I've got to admit that trying to come up with a suitable "creation" for her was so tough for me. I spent some good long chunks of time oogling her Pinterest Boards, and scouring over her blog. I was stumped. But then...I remembered that we could totally gift some crafting supplies for this super fun swap. I immediately thought FELT!!

You see, my swap partner, Miss Joann of Creative Mess, has a whole entire Pinterest board dedicated to felt projects. If you like to craft, I HIGHLY recommend that you go and follow all of her Pinterest boards now. =)


I figured I'd give her a little stockpile of felt and necessaries to maybe finish off some off those sweet little projects.


I was loving all of the bright colors...the variegated thread...the magnetic needle case...

And I can never resist a little raffia.


I do hope that Joanne enjoys her new stash!!

So, now it's your turn Ladies!! Link up your posts and show us what you've been creating!

resolutions in motion: round 2 giveaway & final link up!


This is it! We've made it to the end of Resolutions In Motion: Round Two! I hope that everyone made serious progress on your goals or maybe even accomplished your goal completely! Whatever the outcome, we want to hear how and what you did. Make sure to link up a blog post to the linky below, so that you can enter to win our fantastic prizes!

I actually had three goals for this round!

Numero Uno: GET A JOB!!

"My goal is to have a job before the end of January!"
Did I do it?
I got my offer letter on January 31st and signed the
dotted line. I've been at the office now for a week already. Yaya!

Number Two: Write 2 Chapters for The Book.

Oh dear... I'm so sad about this one. I didn't write one
word towards this. My writing took an unexpected turn
and I ended up writing my very first love scene for a
romance novel. Ooh la la. I'm definitely very excited
about it because writing romance novels is one of my
career goals.... but my first memoir is really number 1
on my list to publish.  Guess I need to pound away at the
keys a little more often.

Thrice: Go this entire round without Coke. 

"It really is time for me to kick the coke habit. " So how'd I do? Well...I'll tell ya. I think I did alright. I made it six weeks having only had 4 cokes. That's a big deal yall... I usually have at least a 20oz every day. That's a ton. Ugg. I know. I'm going to keep up the quest to kick the coke habit from here-on. Keep me accountable, yall!

Two-ish out of three... not bad?!

Before we get on with the linky and giveaway, let us remind you of our amazing sponsors and prizes:

Read more about our featured sponsors and prizes here!

Read more about our challenge sponsors and prizes here!

A big thank you to everyone who participated and/or sponsored Resolutions In Motion Rounds One and Two! We've had fun and been inspired, and we hope you will continue to work toward all of your goals this year. Quick note about the giveaway: Because of the nature of this challenge (everyone receives a prize!), we have to wait until the linky is over before we can assemble the prize packs. Only after the linky ends will we be able to know how many prize packs we need, and then we will award them. There are two required giveaway entries: one is to linkup your final post, and the other is to pick a few of your top prize choices. After that, you can complete as many of the remaining entries as you wish! The more you enter, the better your chances are of getting your first choice of prizes!! Good luck!
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