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the moment I realized…


My Love,

You’ve had my heart almost from the moment that I met you. That day so long ago when you cut in on my salsa dance and started leading me set the precedent for all the days to come. I didn’t know that I would love you then. I didn’t know what an amazing man you’d turn out to be. I had no idea the wild road you and I were about to go down. But, in keeping with our now familiar pace, it didn’t take long. The day I realized that my love for you was the real deal, I wasn’t expecting it. Our path never has taken very many expected turns, though.

That day...

I found myself atop a rock that rose above my friends below who were still packing up the morning’s meal. From the vista where I sat, I could just make out the river across the valley and through the towering pines. Its babble and rush sang out over the fields, bringing a sense of Zen into the atmosphere. I hugged my knees up to my chest and closed my eyes, letting the sun warm my face. Below, some of our group was still sitting around the fire; the crackle of wood and scent of burning leaves filled the air around me. One of them was strumming the guitar while the others’ harmony rose into the heavens. I’m so glad you’re in my life. I’m so glad you came to save us. My friend, Lisa, had climbed up onto the rock with me. She was talking about her plans to become a teacher and commenting on how beautiful the mountains majestic and glorious everything around us was. She asked me what my plans were, what I wanted to do after high school. The answers I gave are now vague and distant to me. That moment, however, the pure emotion and clarity of heart and what I do remember as if I were living it over again now.  
Off to the right, I could see my sister and our friends walking toward the river and away from our tents. The sun shone through the trees and pierced the awakening forest floor at their feet. A chilly breeze swept up my back; Lisa and I both laughed as I shivered. All around me I gazed into the face of the glory of the universe. It surrounded me, it enveloped me, and in that thoughts fell upon you, My Love. There, atop that rock, I was shown a love so deep and authentic, one that I had never known until that moment. The image of you danced around in my heart and permeated my soul like no other had or ever will. When I should have been looking forward to the beauty that lay before me in the days ahead, I only looked ahead to the moment that I would rest back in your arms again. It was then, that I knew I loved the boy who became the man you are. You were always the one, as you always will be. That day, you stepped into my heart for the keeping. And I am blessed and honored to guard you there for all our days.

Always, Your Love

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maunawili falls.


I did it!
I finally blogged about all three of my Maunawili Falls hikes!
It took a school project in my Memoirs Class to finally draw it out of me.
But here you have it!!
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Over the summer my girlfriend, Michele, and I started up a
sometimes-every-Wednesday hiking habit.
I've been a hiker ever since forever and when the Air Force landed us in Hawaii, I was super excited to take advantage of the amazing views and tropical terrain.
I have blogged a handful of times about some of my hikes.
And being a picture whore avid photographer, I've always got tons of visuals to share with the world.
Since coming to Hawaii 2 years ago my hiking score card has grown steadily.
There are a few duplicates, but a hike is a hike... right?
Aiea Loop Trail
Maunawili Falls
Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau hike
Manoa Falls
Aiea Loop ...again
Maunawili ...again!
Pu'u Ohia & Manoa Cliffs
UH Manoa's Japanese Gardens (yah I count that!)
Maunawili ...again!!
Manoa Falls ...again
Aiea Loop ...again
Waimea Valley ...again
Kuliouou Ridge Trail
...and yesterday, I hiked all over the UH Campus for 2 hours taking my girlfriend on a tour... ugg.
As you can see (by the hyperlinks above) I've only recorded FOUR of those beautiful days.
Each one has its own unique memory, its own photos and story...
And I plan to write about them all...
But today... is about
Yah, I've been there 3 times already. It's one of my favs here on Oahu.
So, to remember my time there, I'm gonna do a smush-blog and tell you about all 3 trips!
 On my first trip
I went with the fam and a couple of friends. That's Riley on the rock, Taylor in the purple and My Love being a dork. The girls were 7 and 9 then.
We were still pretty new in Hawaii... only having been here for three months then. But already, I was in love with the Beauty in Creation that is here in the Pacific. Every step further that I took into the forest calmed my nerves. When I am surrounded by nature, I am at home.
The girls were troopers and loved bouldering and leaping over the water!
It was so crowded once we reached the falls.
Weekends are NOT the time to go if you're looking for peace and tranquility.
But if you want to sit and relax in spectacular beauty and watch crazy people jump off the rocks, Saturday is the day for you.
After watching and wading in the muddy water for a little bit, Taylor decided she wanted to jump.
She's always been my fearless one.
 That's Lucas, with the dragon on his back, taking Taylor out to the falls!
Click here to see Taylor and her daddy TAKING THE PLUNGE!
Like I said...I am a fairy I really do think I belong in the woods. After hiking the Maunawili that day, I knew I'd return again and again. I was in love.
The second time...
 was not as memorable...but was in no way any less beautiful. Maunawili's Trail still took my breath away.
ok. so I took this one. hehe
That time I'd gone with a group of women that I knew through a friend. And some guy came too. He took the pictures you see here. That's me in the blue (above), leading the way of course... cause I'm the woodland fairy. OH yah!  
The falls are not the only thing that's gorgeous on this hike. I find myself most awestruck when I see enormous views like the one pictured above. The mountains and the old dinosaur trees make me feel small. Being amongst the vast expanses make me feel grateful. That's me with the little pink backpack walking away.
And here are the four of us...posing as girls will do.
...yah, that's when I was still tan. =/The Third Trip... was pretty fantastic. It's hard to top Tator's first jump. But this time we'd hiked to Maunawili on one of our Wednesday hikes. I love taking pics of flowers. Not really sure why. But my family has accepted my addiction. This beautiful little Baby Bouquet is no bigger than the size of my fist. These flowers dot the bushes that line Ke'ewina Street right near the trailhead. We always start there. Below: Michele and I I love having her as a hiking partner. She is one of my dearest friends. Looking at this photo, I can just hear her laughing as I  forced her to stand that way for a pic.
My girls were obsessed with my muddy leg. They said this bit looked like a fire truck and insisted I take a picture of it for my brother who is a firefighter back in Texas. I think it looks like a race car with a tank canon on top... just sayin'.
So, here are the kiddos. Like I said, this was our summer-time, sometimes-every-Wednesday hike. I was keeping my friend's 5 year old son that day. And I am a brave woman... so I took him along. That's my Taylor, the little stinker-snot you've all read about, standing with him. Yes, I know she is giant for an 11 year old. She's 5'4" and reminds me every day that she's only 2 inches shorter than me. =/ My bebe, Riley, is there in the yellow suit standing with Michele's youngest daughter. I think they love getting their picture taken. I have no idea why their faces are so contorted and weird in this photo. 😉
Yah, I'm a freakin' fairy. And I feel free and at home and at peace in the woods... But what I think I'm really, really grateful for... is the fact that my girls love it too. They appreciate God's Creation and stand in awe of is His Glory as evidenced by places like Maunawili Falls. I may blog about my hikes and take goofy photos, but what we are really doing is building memories that will last a lifetime. One day, all too soon, when my girls are grown and gone... they will remember their time in Hawaii... ...and remember a paradise.

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