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monday meet up: one year anniversary!



Hey Everyone!!

It's time for another Monday Meet Up... and A GIVEAWAY!!!

It's hard to believe that the Monday Meet Up has been going strong now for a year! You are all the reason that I keep it going. And I love browsing around all the blogs that are linked up. So, to say thank you and to celebrate a bit, I'm hosting a giveaway today!! There are some great prizes to be won and ONE WINNER TAKES ALL!! 

Be sure to link up your posts in the linky!! And...

meet our guest Yes, that is me.  In footed, hooded pajamas...wearing a snuggie...with a shake weight.  If you own any of these things, we should definitely be friends.  This picture captures a little bit about myself that I would like to share with you. 1.  Shake weight:  Although I got this as a gag gift and it resides under the couch for the most part, it does represent my desire to work out and endeavors to try to be\get in shape.  (Notice how I said desire and endeavors, definitely not always successful, but I do blog about my attempts and failure.)  I would love for you to join along and share our journey. 2.  Snuggie:  I got this, and I had no idea how much I would use it. My husband always keeps our apartment super, duper cold!  My snuggie definitely comes in handy for me!  Don't make fun! 3.  Footed\Hooded Pajamas:  Did you know that they make this for adults?  They are so comfy to sleep and lounge around in.  If you read my blog briefly, you will know I am a big fan of comfort--Comfort food, comfortable clothes.   Comfort is key. Do you own anything that is potentially embarrassing??  Care to share? Come on by and introduce yourself.  I would love to meet you!
Living Pretty

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Alright yall, are you ready for the Giveaway Things?

First thing's first...I've got a few necessary rules to share.

You must link up a post in the Monday Meet Up linky to be eligible to enter. You must display the Monday Meet Up Button on your linked post to be eligible to enter. The Giveaway Raffle is open to US residents ONLY.

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And Oogle the AWESOME Prizes!

prizes MMU 22

You're gonna love this book!! I talk more about it at the

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::Hint-Click on the Pic Where it Says "Used Book Haul"::


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Alright Lovely Ladies {and Gents}…
It’s your turn.
Link up your favorite posts-all week long!
Woo us to you blog. Let us get to know you!
Meet other amazing bloggers and extend your blogging community!

Party Rules

1. Link up your posts, link up your page…it’s up to you!
2. Link back to this post using either the MMU button
(code located in the MMU tab on the side bar) or via a text link.
3. Make sure you visit (and comment) on other posts linked up–
what fun is a party if no one talks to each other? Make some new friends!
4. You must be a follower of Covered in Grace to link up.
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pampered chef giveaway!



Oh Yah, you read that right!!

One of my most precious IRL friends is here today with a special treat for ALL OF YOU!

My Girl, Olivia, is giving away TWO prize packages that include some very desirable PC items. You won't want to miss out on this!!

I've known Liv since 2008 when I leased her a home in the Old Military Housing back on "good old" Ft. Ord. We actually became neighbors, co-workers, and then fast friends and rocked Monterey, CA for a while. I miss her so much.

Here we are at the company Christmas Party Luau in '08. You can face poses haven't changed a lot! Ha!


Olivia is AMAZING yall. I am so blessed to know her. Read on as she shares her PC journey!!

{Liv, I hope you don't mind that I snagged a pic of you and the most amazing little boy EVER to put in the post!}

Covered in Pampered Chef Grace…

I’m a firm believer that “grace” takes many forms. Sometimes it’s in the form of a friend, a well-timed phone call, or an advantageous inheritance (cha-ching). =) This past summer I was in serious need of some grace. My family and my marriage were in a serious world of hurt. Like snot bubbles, pulling my hair ouy, panic attack kind of crisis. To top it all off, it was a situation that I had little or no control in correcting. There were days I had no desire to get out of bed for fear of “what else” was going to happen. That saying, “waiting for the other shoe to drop”…yeah, that was life for a few weeks. After several days of “woe is me” boo-hooing I decided I needed to figure some schat out. A friend, and fellow military wife, whom I had met while stationed in Monterey, California (where I met my beautiful Brooke) had been stalking me across two continents (literally) about signing up as a Pampered Chef consultant. Being an A-1 excuse maker, I always had a reason NOT to join. I was a new mom, then I was a new student and a new mom, then I was a new mom, a new student, in a foreign country with a deployed husband. See, I’m REALLY good at excuses! Fast-forward to my Summer 2012 Uber Crisis…My Pampered Chef stalker, Becky, lived just one town over from me in Virginia. I decided to call her and set up a lunch meeting. As soon as the meeting was set I noticed a slight settling of my perpetually upset stomach. We met at a Baker’s Crust restaurant on a blazing hot June afternoon. After regurgitating the past couple weeks’ events, I told her I thought now was the time to sign up for Pampered Chef. I wasn't in a position to begin a job working outside of the home, but I needed a lifeline. I needed to succeed at something tangible. I needed to recover just a sliver of control of my life again. She ran down the perks and the process of starting a business of my own. I went home that night and ordered my kit. Again, a little more stomach settling took place. In July I began my Pampered Chef journey. I was also taking two college courses at the same time (International Political Relations and Strategies of War…yeah, I’m being serious). Go big, or go home (or go crazy) is how I roll! The next two months brought me more confidence, control, and comfort than I had thought possible given my situation. Through the grace of great family (thanks, Mom), great friends (thanks, Jenn, Tra and Jamie) and a great love (thanks, Babe) I hit all the goals I set for myself. I nailed both classes with A’s, I met (and exceeded) my initial sales goal for Pampered Chef, and I had a paycheck. Slowly, and sometimes painfully, the mixed up puzzle pieces of my life started fitting back together. The heavy weight in my chest lightened, and the perpetually queasiness subsided. Did a Classic Batter Bowl save me? Did a Deep Covered Baker raise me out of my drama, fear and angst? Quite honestly, yes! Now, looking back on that time with a bit of distance between then and now I can say that it did. 401299_4568342100948_585616710_n It is because of that experience that I am fighting like the dickens to keep my Pampered Chef business going. I’m now working full time, a full time student, a full time wife and a Mumma to the most incredible boy. My life is crazy. But it’s a kind of crazy I am eternally thankful and grateful for! The easy way to simplify is to pare down the peripheral activities. I’m just having the hardest time letting myself give up on my Pampered Chef business. So, I’ve decided to give it a boost and see where it goes. I think I owe it to myself and Pampered Chef to give it a little gas and see how fast this little engine can go. As I begin this new school semester and I’m looking down the barrel of “Criminal Law and Procedure”, I know I will NOT have the free time to do the in-home Pampered Chef cooking shows. They are amaze-balls fun, but with school, work and family-it’s not always easy. What I do have time for are Facebook parties. My social media footprint resembles that of a tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s huge. So that being said I am embarking on Operation Last Ditch Effort. Having aced that “Strategies of War” class, I think I’ve got this MUTHA figured out! It will be a multi-pronged attack. I have a business Facebook page at I need to get my “follow” numbers up, up, UP! I also need to get some names of some lucky people in my calendar who will host some Facebook parties. It’s as easy as inviting friends (even invite the ones you don’t like!) to an event that I create for you. With a few well-placed coercive comments and some pandering by me…VOILA! We have a show and you get some free and reduced-price bits of Pampered Chef loveliness!

I’m a firm believer in bribery.

It makes the world (and some governments) go round! So, with that…here’s the dealio: I have a few items that I want to give away for people who are willing to help a sister out and get some peeps to my page! I have a Pampered Chef© Classic Batter Bowl, a Pampered Chef© Small Batter Bowl and several pieces of the Pampered Chef © Basic Nylon kitchen utensils! cats All I need you to do is go to my page, like it.( And then start suggesting! Send it out to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and even that weird kid from High School that you’re friends with but you’re not sure why. Ask them to go to my page and “like” it and put YOUR name in a comment on the wall telling me you sent them. For every person who likes my page because of you, you’ll get a ticket into the drawing to win one of those items!

Now here’s the biggie...

(I’m channeling my inner used-car salesman)…I also have a Pampered Chef© Ultimate Mandolin (retail $85) that I want to give away. This thing is seriously bad-a$$! You’ll have Iron Chefs shaking in their boots! mandolin Here’s the hard sell….So I need AT LEAST 3 more parties in the month of March. If you’re willing to sign up for a Facebook Pampered Chef show, and we are able to successfully close a show (you only need $150 in sales to be a “show”) I will put you in the hat to win the Ultimate Mandolin. Contact me via my Facebook page, or my Pampered Chef website to get details on the shows and find out more. Thank you all for your time, and thank you Brooke for being an amazing friend! Olivia Schwartz The Multi-Tasking Mama

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