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Hey yall!! I thought I'd just pop in here and let you know that I'm still alive. I've definitely had you all on my mind lately...tonight I was actually coaching a friend of mine on the fine arts of starting up a blog and all the good stuff that goes along with it. I didn't realize until tonight just how much information I much I've retained... about blogging and it's technical intricacies. I hope I didn't overwhelm her. =) Anyways... after the info dump, I also realized that I definitely want to make writing/blogging a priority again. I know I can't commit to daily-publishing yet. But once a week is a great start.


So... to begin...I thought I'd give you a mini-ish update on what I've been doing...

I've been pouring a lot of my free time and energy into something completely new that I am so excited about.  About a month ago, my mama and step dad approached me about opening up a letterpress studio online. My step dad, Shawn, has 30+ years of professional printing experience under his belt. And he just happens to own an amazing letterpress shop in Houston.

So, to make a long story short, he asked me to be the creativity behind the tangible product. I accepted, because it is AWESOME. And...

Cottonberry Letterpress was born.


It's a baby website right now. I'm still working out kinks and pouring content into its pages. I'm learning Adobe Illustrator (and the entire Creative Suite in general). And it's coming along. I'm definitely already "open" for business, but the grand opening is forthcoming.

Lucas and I started juicing....   ish.... 
It's good. I love it. But holeee crap is it expensive. 

A few weekends ago, we went RV camping (I know that's not really camping, but dooood, it is awesome) with a bachelor buddy of ours (who's family owns the RV) down at Jellyston Park (think: Yogi Bear) in Luray, VA. It was so fun. Floating down the Shenendoah River... drinks and 4 wheelers and dough boys (that must be of God) and fireflies and a pretty chill time all around. Love.


Lucas and I had a double date night with one of his diving buddies and his lady. I discovered Pisco Sours and my new love of Peruvian food....

And I am still gaga over this man... yall... omgeeeee.


The girls and I spent a few different weekends with my sister and my nephew. Walks around the park, impromptu photo sessions, ducks, kissing the fat bebe. Love.


Then it was the 4th of July. Our first, after an 11 year streak, that was not on a military base. I'll admit, I was a little sad about it. My heart really does bleed red, white, and blue... and Texas... and Lucas...


And then... 4 days later is was Riley's 11th birthday. Little nut.


And then... 4 more days later... it was Taylor's 13th birthday.

THIRTEEN!! I have a teenager. OMG.


I can't believe how big they are, how much they've grown. I love the people that they are becoming. They are so amazing. I am so blessed to be their mama. So blessed. My sweet, precious, little dorks.


And now... I'm finishing off my 2nd lemonade mai tai. And it's time for me to log off... because during this season of my life, Chinese checkers with the little dorks and their daddy is much more important than my blog. But yall, I've been missing you... Until next time.. I'm taking this next swig for you! Xxo



the girl behind the blog: what I’ve gained from the blogging community.



It's time for another The Girl Behind the Blog Vlog!

This month we're talking about how long we've been blogging and what we feel we've gained from the blogging community.

I'll be linking up with 5OhWifey! And with Fontenot Four... because I am so thankful for my blogging communities! Button's down below! Xxo

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