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big wheels keep on turning: re-inventing the blog.


turn I am having a moment here... I'm not sure if it's more like completing that grueling, uphill lap that you dread running, or if it's more like finally connecting that last dot or placing that last letter in the crossword, maybe something more profound, or less... but the moment is... something.

I'm drawing from a prompt or two right now in order to get the juices flowing. Tonight, I wanted to pull from a topic that was a little "easier." Nothing too deep. #32 seemed to fit the bill. This time last year, what were you writing about? Review your own blogging. So I sifted through my posts to April of last year. To be honest, there were a whopping 5 or 6 to choose from. All but one had something to do with the Monday Meet Up. It was the one year anniversary giveaway that month. The loner post, To Everything, Turn Turn Turn, caught my attention of course. So I click on it. And I fall into the deep end.


Queue the moment.

It was talking about the seasons of my heart and how I felt like my blog was about to fall into a hibernation of sorts. The tone is melancholy and tender. I find it so serendipitous that the post I was drawn to reflect upon was that particular one because now, a year later-exactly to the day (wow!), I am come full circle. I feel my "season" renewing. I feel a little spark. And I am ready to begin see what will blossom.       My desire to write is a lot more gritty and raw and ambitious than it ever has been. I feel like I'm closer than ever to making my dreams into reality. A year ago, I couldn't say that. A year ago, I was struggling with my writing voice and the need to be present elsewhere. NOW... I am ready to strip away a little bit of the fluff that I used to bring to the pages of this website and instead paint a different picture of myself and my writing. I say different because I mean different. Not truer. Not more real. There was no fake me before. But there was definitely a more careful me, and a filtered me. A me that didn't dare type the words fucker or mother bitch, even though those words have always been a common part of my daily language. life lake I don't know if that was because I felt like this website would only be uplifting with their absence...or if I was afraid to let that part of me show online. But NOW...well, it's not that I don't care, it's that I am ready. Ready to show that flaws and grit and substance as such can and will be uplifting still and that the me that exists, no matter what season I may be going through, has something good to say.I'm not writing today to announce that there will now be cussing at Covered in Grace, but rather to relay that the new voice around here has refined itself a bit. It has weathered a little bit more. And it is ready to yell and cry and whisper and laugh. Spiritual thinking is still a big part of my mission here... but I believe that a spiritual heart should not ever put on a front so as to appear "right" in the eyes of others. I know that my God is so much more vast than any set of rules or expectations that any religion could ever impose upon me. I am transparent to him. And now... I am come full circle... or maybe I am spiraling upwards. I feel a beautiful new light.

5 favorite wines of a Moscato snob.



favWines The other day I was driving home from work, pretending it was summer already and breathing deep because I was almost home. After so many years of moving from house to house and state to state, I can finally say that when I pull up at my front door I am home. I do feel peace here at Apple Creek. It makes my heart happy to dream of all the years that my family and I will spend here.

One of my favorite pastimes are porch-sitting wine sessions at sunset. (Say that three times fast.) It's my favorite time of the day. The weather is gorgeous when the fireflies are out and the wine that usually graces my cup is always delicious.... because I'm picky.

It's no secret, Moscato is always my wine of choice. I rarely venture out of my little comfort zone. And furthermore, my little circle of love is regionally biased. I like my grapes to grow under a specific sun. In a specific valley. And that makes me... a Moscato Snob.

favWines bottles no particular order.

Bartenura Moscato. The better blue bottle. Long before I saw the ever-popular Risata Moscato take over liquor store end caps, I was pining over the sweet stuff that Bartenura has mastered. It was the first Moscato that I'd found, after falling in love with the bubbly wine variety while living in Germany, that actually tasted right. It has the perfect amount of fizz and a beautiful sweet balance. I love this wine so much that my daddy once bought me a case of it for my birthday. Saracco Moscato. It just tastes right. Bubbles, good. Sweet, good. D'Asti, yaaaah. It's got the right stuff. Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh. Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato. I was turned on to this rosy gem while living in Hawaii. Right on Kam Highway in Aiea there's a great little pizza joint called Boston's Pizza. *droolz* And it shares a parking lot with the best liquor store that I've ever been to. And I'm from Texas, yall. We have Specs there. Anyway, Boston's let's you b.y.o.b... and as you've probably already deduced, we partook..often. It was on one such occasion that I was perusing the isles of Tamura's and found the pink stuff. Can you say LOVE? The Australians can take the credit for this one. It's got all the key notes that my beloved D'Asti wines have, plus a twist from Down Under. comes in single serve 12 ouncers. YES! Vietti's Moscato d'Asti Cascinetta. I'll be honest. I tend to grab the cheaper D'Asti's on the shelf. Because in the beginning, when I first fell in love with wine, I drank the five dollar D'Asti from the shoppette. It was right and it was goooood. Vietti nails it, yall. They are bubbly. They are balanced. They are light. And they are cheap. And while we're being honest...I have found that the cheaper D'Astis are often the better D'Astis. Why? Perhaps some people don't believe that love should cost a ton? Ha! Monchiero Carbone Birbet. What?! Not a Moscato. I did say that I rarely wander outside my comfort zone, didn't I? This beautiful, hard to find, sweet red is amazing. I was turned on to it while living on the island as well. And the only store that I have ever found it in was Tamura's and it was almost always sold out. I'm not usually one to drink the reds; they're usually too dry for me. But this one, well it's "marked by a characterization very similar to that of the aromatic Moscato." -Monchiero Carbone  It's no wonder that I love it so.

So where do {most} of these amazing wines come from?

wineO 1

I've always said the best Moscato's come out of that valley. And as a nod in favor of my opinion, there are other more educated and enthusiastic wine drinkers that concur....

The best, lightly sparkling versions come from an area in Italy’s northern wine producing region, the Piedmont, around the town of Asti. They are called Moscato d’Asti, and they’re made by halting fermentation once the alcohol level gets to 5.5% by quickly lowering the temperature. Their natural fizziness derives from the carbon dioxide released by fermentation—some of which goes into the air while the rest dissolves into the wine. The wine is then filtered to remove the yeasts, so that it won’t continue to ferment in the bottle.

I really loved the write up there at RJ on Wine. Spot on.

To sum it up: Moscato = Delicious. 

The End.

p.s. this is 23 of 36. If you're here.

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