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heaven forbid familiarity.



Sometimes, I feel far too familiar with my faith and its boundaries.

I find myself existing in a comfortable bubble of knowledge and emotion. I feel like I understand what God has set out before me and where I should be going with it. I talk to God regularly, however casually, and share my faith with the world…

But somewhere along the way, when I’m feeling warm and cozy in my zone, I realize that the oomph is gone.
Sometimes, the passion fizzles.

I am not the first to say it, “Having a relationship with God is just like being in any other relationship. You have to work at it.” All relationships are challenging. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so rewarding when times are good.

I don’t want my relationship with Jesus to be one of passing familiarity.
I want to always feel that deep pulling within to be in his presence, to feel his love, and to witness his glory with eyes wide open.

Right now, I’m sensing that slip into “the zone” and I desperately want to steer clear of it. What I realize now is that these things, while completely normal in a healthy relationship, can be salvaged and reignited. It’s as easy as calling out to Christ…asking him to pull you right back. I don’t expect to glide right on through life, jumping from each Jesus high to the next with no obstacles to overcome, but I want to have an awareness of the need for work to be done.

Luckily, I have a God who understands this, a God who is patient, a God who wants to walk with me through each an every puddle, pot hole, and flowery field. He wants me to seek him in all things…and especially when I begin to feel a little complacent. His love for me…for us… is relentless.

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comfort foods for my soul.


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When I was a teenager, I really loved this band called Clear. They played for our high school youth group once or twice. I remember standing in awe of Ali Ogren as she sang out to God. Her words touched my soul. They spoke to me and also to my inner writer. You see, back then, I was really into writing poetry and much of it centered around my faith. I often used symbolism with water and fire to equate my passionate desire to become closer to God…or to represent how my heart felt in his presence. Ali’s words sang in the same fashion. I think that’s part of what really drew me towards the band. I ended up buying their CD after a church concert one day and wore the thing out before I knew it.

One song, in particular, still resonates through out my soul today. To spare you the entire lyrics of the song, I’ll just paraphrase… There’s a little girl dancing in a meadow, she makes a daisy chain, clouds roll in, she’s scared, then she remembers that God loves her, and she knows that she’s safe in the rain. Basically…Rain = God’s love. I have always loved that. I mean….it speaks to me man.

Haha. Ok..but yes, it really does.
So much so, that I am planning my next tattoo to include a daisy chain and a key phrase from that song.

So where am I going with this? Well…What I wanted to bring to the table, here, are the comfort foods of my soul…things that I am so grateful and thankful and blessed to have in my life…that bring me such joy and peace and comfort. I’ve been prompted to share five. But know that there really are so many more. =)

1. The Rain.
Yah. I actually mean God’s Love. Having been saved through the Grace of Jesus, covered in his love and peace and clarity, bring me such a comfort. I experience peace in moments I might otherwise feel overwhelmed or unsure. I feel assured that God will provide for and guide my family each and every day. My soul is well.

2. My Love.
My husband is the biggest comfort to me on this planet, aside from my #1 mention above, of course. His presence calms me. His voice soothes me. His kisses actually make my headaches go away. When I’m feeling wound up or anxious, I can wrap my arms around his neck, close my eyes against his chest, and just exhale. Instant stress-relief. He is a beautiful match for me and I thank God for bringing him into this world.

3. Metallica & The Lord of the Rings.
Oh yes. I said Metallica and The Lord of the Rings. Not necessarily together. But they both sooth me. I appreciate excellent artistry and talent. There is no doubt that either of these “things” lack in talent. The writing in TLOTR is phenomenal…and those movies literally lull me right to sleep now. This is due to the countless time Lucas and I would lay together and watch the movies years back when they first came out…and probably has a lot to do with my #2. In fact, I’m thinking he’s the reason for my comfortable feelings toward the rockers and their heavy metal.  Go on… listen to Nothing Else Matters and tell me that you don’t see it’s comforting qualities.

4. My mom.
Some of you may say that this is such an obvious answer. And you’re right. In our case, it is. I can tell her absolutely anything, no holds barred. She knows my dirtiest, darkest secrets and I can always dial her number no matter my state of mind and expect to feel relieved when we hang up. Bless her heart, she catches all of my pent up steam, all of my ranting, all of my overwhelming sobs, and my horrible traffic potty mouth. I doubt she’d have it any other way. Neither would I.
(That’s actually a 4 year old photo of us..The photo of me in the orange up top was from yesterday.)

5. My home.
That’s something that’s been missing from my life for a little over a month now. I have been blessed with a place to stay…to harbor my children… while our family is making its way through the toils of this giant overseas move and major career change. But…there really is no place like home. I have just a month more until I walk through the front door of my next home… my next place. Where ever I am with Lucas, with our little family, always feels like home. Right now, he’s in Maryland, and I’m in Texas with the girls. And I can’t tell you how great the void I feel now. I long for home.

But… I am comforted by Lucas’ voice on the phone. I am comforted when mom listens to me whine. I am comforted, just now, when I listened to Mr. Hetfield strum out his ballad…

And I am comforted because of my faith in Jesus and his never-ending love and protection.

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