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I am supposed to write about the details. The things that I see around me. The things that I hear. What I last ate. Or what I feel. To break the writer's block.

One of my fiction workshop professors once told me that writer's block doesn't exist. He said that it's just something writers use as an excuse. Because if you've put a pen to paper, if you've typed even a single line onto the screen.. you're writing. It must be true. Because look at me now. I'm writing here on the blog. And I'm going to push that publish button later tonight. No matter what happens to spill out into this text box.

I suppose that I could be attempting to create another chapter in THE book. I could be adding snippets to the OTHER book. But details. That's where I am now. And sometimes the details make all of the difference.

I hear... Oooooh I miss you so. It feels like forever. Oooooh that taste I know. It hurts to remember. I had a fleeting thought this morning. And I mentioned You today. It breaks my heart just to know You in part. And not to be with You where You are.

I see... my daughter writing. (Go figure. Here I am breaking the block and she's just free flowing.) Precious heart. Beautiful soul.

I desire... they are many. And sometimes worldly. But... as I sit here. I am realizing that I also desire a connection with my God again. I know it has weakened. And only because I have let it fall slack. My faith shifts and changes. It does. But my God. He... Her... It... is constant. Unfathomable. Beyond any human understanding of what and who he truly is. I know... that his energy and spirit are both tangible and untouchable. And that he clings to my heart.

I feel... a beautiful brokenness. So the details. They help.


shaken and stirred.


shaken Lately.... I've been feeling a little shaken.

It has been my prayer that God would reign my heart in and keep my eye on the ball. I struggle, like so many other people, with letting go of control--or perceived control-- over the things that happen in my life. I really do desire a God-inspired, peace-filled existence. I pray for my relationship with my husband....for my daughters and their fragile hearts...I pray for my family... In the past, I've posted about how I want to Yearn for Jesus, how I want God to stir my affection for him, and how I want to avoid slipping into a familiar zone:: Heaven Forbid Familiarity.... Like I told one of my favorite ladies: JULIE (who I MUST meet in person one day).. "I totally believe that God brings us into an awareness of our surroundings, of the people and things that matter to us [and the attention that we need to pay these people & things] order to help us realize how much we need him and how much he has already blessed us." As I work my way through life, especially right now, it's so important that I continue to rely on my faith in God and his promise that he will never forsake us. So consider me stirred.    

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