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top 10 favorite Harry Potter quotes!


top 10 favorite Harry Potter quotes

Fun! I am loving this prompt today! Too easy!

I have tons, so I'll pick the ones that make me laugh the most.

My top 10 favorite Harry Potter Quotes no particular order...

1. "Sir!" This one always make me laugh.


2. "Where HAVE you been?" Molly Weasley is absolutely one of my favorite characters. And I love her voice in the movies...perfect. I want to be like her when I grow up. If I could send my kids howlers, I totally would.

harry potter quotes- where have you been

3. The silent quote... Snape in the classroom.. pushing the boys' heads down or smacking Ron. Hilarious. (But let some teacher try that on my'll see mama bear out in all her glory!)

Snape pushing ron and harry's heads down

snape hitting ron

4. "I should NOT have said that." Hagrid is one of the best ones, hands down. And I can't help but chuckle when he says stuff like this. There are hundreds of memes based on this quote... just go check out reddit...

hagrid-i should not have said that

5. "Do you...want to the ball...with me?" It's definitely the movie version...but I love the ginger twins. Generally, I am a huge Weasley fan. This moment, in particular, is one of my favs. It reminds me of my husband...paper throwing, cocky, charismatic. Yep.

fred weasley asks girl to the ball

6. "Roar! Eee, eee, eee! Eeeeuuurrrrr (elephant noise)!!" I love this scene. It is so typical of what I imagine teenage boys sitting around doing. Love it.

ron roaring after eating candy

7. "Morning." *grins* Like I said, I love the Weasley boys. Fred's attitude is so fantastic. I love the awkwardness of this moment.

fred weasley morning

8. "Not to mention the pincers. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch." Good stuff... the whole "Harry is high" scene makes me laugh.

harry says not to mention the pincers

9. "Technically, it's a ferret!... He might have mentioned it."  Mad Eye reminds me of my husband juuust a little, the later, older, grumpier version of him. 😉  Love you babe...

mad eye says technically it's a ferret

10. "He looks far too happy over there." Adults: 1, Kids: 0. She is awesome.

professor mcgonagall says he looks far too happy over there

....and just for good measure, I'll add this little gem. I love all of Ron's disturbed, fearful, squeaky noises. He is my favorite.

ron weasley  pulls his mandrake out of the pot

The End. What are your favorite HP moments?

used book haul: part 2.


ubh 2

A couple of days ago, in Part 1 of this mini, baby series I shared some of the great new (old??) books that I brought home with me from the Used Book store...

I'm particularly proud of the 121 year old Hymnal that I found.

 So... on with unloading the haul....

This book's a girlie book sanctuary. I really do have the feeling that my romance novel collection is going to multiply significantly. And I'm so excited about that!!  ubh 16

 These were on the shelf right next to my Lindsey books. The bright colors are what caught my eye. But after I read the synopsis of Never Less Than a Lady, I immediately looked for more in the series. These three books mingle historical fiction and steamy romance in, hopefully, a very lovely way. Plus... I love the author's name!!

ubh 15

Honestly, the cover of this book is what caught my eye. I know...I'm drawn to pretty covers. But it looks like a place that I want to maybe the insides of the book will be also be a place that I want to be?  That's sound logic right?  Hey... whatever dude. I get to read two different love stories in this one. And who doesn't like a two-fer?

Now, as is the trend here, I picked up the next set when I saw the muscles. Hehehe... What?

ubh 10

I've no idea if these will be any good. But they're about military couples. And yall know that I am a veteran military spouse. My hubby just finished serving 13 year in the USAF. Yaya!!   I love me a military man!   So here's hoping these will be great. we've established that I pick up books when their covers are pretty. And I'm realizing now, as an aspiring book author, that I'm going to have to make sure my stuff has a fantastic cover to go with it...otherwise, it's very likely to be passed right by.

This book, obviously, has an enticing image on it's face. The colors are so appealing to me and I totally want to dress like the heroine.

ubh 18  And perhaps my attraction to the book has something to do with my watching episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress with my girlies as of late....  never the less, I love that it has and eerie and tragic look to it. It's set back in time a couple of hundred years in England and promises a thrilling, romantic, adventure. Sold!

Ok... Confession Time.

One of the reasons that I went to the store was to hunt down some used (i.e. cheap) copies of the Grey books. I've already read numero uno. And the writing wasn't all that great...but there is no denying that the author can really, really write"love scene."

Guess I got lucky. I found the next two... though, I have no idea which one is second in the series. Anyone??

ubh 9

 I didn't go home with 100% smut....

I'd seen Fallen in Barnes & Noble a few times and it had always held my gaze for a bit. The cover, it's always the cover. But this one....

I may have found a second favorite author, yall.

ubh 12

I'd actually forgotten that I'd purchased Fallen (the copy pictured just above) new a few weeks when I found the first and second book in the used book store, I snatched them both up. I want to shake my finger at the person who bent up the cover of Torment, but they can't see me... Anyways, the "used" copy of Fallen that I bought is the hard cover edition that's pictured up top with my face.

You guys, I plowed through the first book in just TEN hours. TEN HOURS! 

It is amazing. The writing was so smooth, so easy to just soak up. And not because the quality of the language was poor... it is actually very eloquent and detailed. The author was able to write a young adult fiction piece that is mature and thoughtful. The characters are written pretty well; I can definitely see a future with them all. I absolutely recommend that you pick a copy of this one up!

Now, since I have two and I want you to share in my new-found book crush, I'm going to be giving away the hard-back copy in my Monday Meet Up 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway this coming Monday!!! If you want to read this sucker for free, be sure to come on back on April 1st to enter. (There's gonna be some other great prizes to win as well!)  In the mean time, do you have any recommendations for me? I'd love to hunt them down in my favorite new store!

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