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how I totally acquired a taste for coffee.



One of the things on my 30 in 30 List is #26, acquire a taste for coffee.

I know that's kind of weird. Why would I want to acquire a liking for it?

I dunno, I guess it's because I've always LOVED, like...obsessively loved, the smell of it. And because it actually is good for you. Much better than coke- which I lovesomuch but shouldn't drink. And because I kind of really love coffee cups. And because of the smell...  said twice for extra emphasis....

Well, I have some news yall.

I've actually accomplished one of the things on my 30 in 30 List!

The Coffee One!!

 I totally acquired a very healthy love for the cafe'.

How'd I do it?

Well, I won't lie.... there was, and still is, a great deal of sugar and creamer that have helped me out. But I'm lessening it a little. I don't want to be a sugar addict...anymore... ish. Those international creamers are bomb. And I'm really digging the coconut mocha k-cups I found. So... #26- DONE!

30 in 30.


Well, I finally hit the big 3-0. And since the 30 Before 30 list was so much fun, I've decided to carry the project over into my 30th year. You'll notice that a few of the items are from last year's list. I wasn't quite able to finish them all. This time around I think I've filled the list with goals that are definitely doable, beneficial, fun, and that cater specifically to my writing goals.
I completed about half of my last list. Some of the things didn't happen because we couldn't afford  going to Kuai, or getting my ribs tattooed... others didn't happen because I just didn't think about them much, or because other priorities took precedence... but I did complete some of the really big ones.
Going back to Texas!
Making "Etsy" work for me!
Scuba Diving! You can see a teeny bit of photos here.

And some littler ones:
Sunrise in Hawaii!
Establishing my own website! Which is totally a work in progress still. But my  DOT COM is finally working.
Paying for someone's meal in the drive thru.

Still others...I've just begun...
Filling a Sangria Jar with Change!
Read 30 new books! I made it to 14 and a half!
Write THE book.

As for the rest... well I could go on and on trying to tell you where I'm at, or why I didn't get to cross them off my list. But I'm not going to focus on what I couldn't and didn't do.
I am here... one year older. More experienced. More learned. More accomplished. More sure of myself. More sure of my Jesus. I have been blessed with another year of life. Another day to breath, to love, to live.

Every day is a gift. Each day is a blessing. I am 30 years blessed!!! Not 30 years old

Cheers to 30 years! 

I've already got some of my 30 Things lined up...

My reading list is going strong. 
Thanks to my secret swapper a while back I've got the Dragon Tatt in the queue. 
The books look real good with my new boots next to 'em, don't they? =)

Last year, I had the goal of filling a sangria jug with change. 
Yah... I made it to a 4th full and cashed that sucker in. 
I actually had 64 bucks in there! Woo! 
Now...I've begun again. 
Here, you can see a snippet of my living collage. 
Yep...that's one of my tattoos on the bottom right corner of it. 
100 points for the person who can tell me what it says... ooh la la! 
P.S. The jug is not dusty... it's the instagram filter that I used!

Can you guess which part of my fridge pertains to my 30 things list? 
No? Well, I'll tell you. It's the Corn Poppy magnet. 
Yes... I have the magnet version now. I do have a much larger
print that I need to frame. My mom, 2 sisters, grandmother and I
all have that painting. Love it. (Click the pic to see my fridge stuff larger..
...if you want. I'm sure you're totally interested. Ha!)
Here's a pic of me with the REAL painting in The Houston 
Museum of Fine Arts when I was in Texas a few weeks ago.

And finally... another step toward completing my 30 Things list... 
I finally finished my wrap watch. I've been holding on to that face for FORever!
I finally broke down and bought some leather cording to braid together for a wrap strap.
I'm digging it. Oh yah. 

So... follow along as I tick things off the list. I promise...I am going to be much more proactive about it this time around. 😉  I've updated my page tabs to include the 30 in 30. I'm excited for this next year that will bring all sorts of changes. Welcome 30. You're very welcome.. 


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