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Day 100 – smiling.


Finally made it 100! I can't believe it's the last day of this Challenge. I know that many of you (the people that actually read these...ha!) are maybe getting tired of seeing my face. =P   It's true, this 100 Day Challenge feeds the vanity in a person. But it's been fun and it has definitely helped me with my ultimate goal... making a daily blogging habit.  You might wonder where I'll go after this, with out direction and the 'excuse' to put my face on the internet, yet again...  But never-fear. I have a plan. It's the Brookish Project 365. Check out the Project 365 page for more info. (It's in the tabs..)
So time to get back to the post... a photo of me smiling. Seems almost like a boring choice for the last day of the challenge...but it's fitting too. Just me. Smiling for many, many reasons. Mostly, it will represent thanks to all of you that have put up with my daily links to "My Beautiful Brooke"... hopefully you realize by now that the choice of blog title does not come from a place of vanity or wishful-thinking...but from a grateful and blessed that I am Beautiful in God's eyes, despite my flaws.
All Things for Him Alone!

Day 99 – A picture that was first on your facebook


I have 9457083498 pictures on facebook. But never fear. I think I know which photo was the first to grace the pages of the lame monster. FB is kind enough to help me out with this search by date-stamping every photo that you upload. This picture was definitely the first... it has the earliest date... September of 2008. I am pushing three years now in my affair with FB. Hm. =/   Who cares right?!  Anyways... good thing the photo was a decent one. Obviously... it is of me and My Love. You just saw a photo of me on the same night a few posts ago. We were out at the Mucky Duck for an early, sort of, birthday night out for me. Our good friend Tabatha was with us... and Tami and some others. But those two women are the only ones that I care about! Ha! 
Not sure what else to say about this.. I love love love my husband. He is my heart!

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