I really love networking with other bloggers. You all make up such a great community that I am proud to be a part of. My goal is to reach others and hopefully motivate, inspire, relate, and fellowship with one another. Advertising, following, guest posting, sharing...they're all great ways to grow friendships and community. There are so many great ways to reach out. I actively participate in various linky parties and a handful of networking sites that include:
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*My Twitter & both personal & CiG Facebook accounts are fed the blog feed each day as each post publishes.

Changes to advertising:: Effective-April 1st, 2013. Paid sponsorships will be going away as of April 1st. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to devote the time and attention to my sponsors as I once was.

The Monday Meet Up went strong, never missing a week, for just over a year. It proved to be a wonderful, delightful blog hop for me. I loved meeting you all and discovering so many amazing women through the MMU. I hope the experience was a mutual one for you! As I write this, I'm moving into a different sort of "season of life," if you will. My blog is taking turns and going through some necessary quiet spells. I feel as though my writing energies need to become more focused and, as a result, my blogging needs to become more for me again(and of course for you if you'll have it)... to benefit from thoughtfulness and introspection, to enjoy the spontaneity of random writing prompts and occasional link ups, and to revert back to a beloved hobby and turn away from trying to be "something else." Thank you for linking up every week! So many of your faces and stories will forever be etched in my memory. Please don't be a stranger.

Xxo, Brooke

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