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My Name is Brooke...

Funny-ish story how I got that name. Has something to do with a little girl that resembled the Quilted Northern Toilet Paper girl. So yes, I am sort of-ish named after toilet paper. =/

...and I'm a writer.

Covered in Grace has been my home on the web for a good spell. And, just as life will do, this blog has seen its share of seasons and change. Content and mission focus have adjusted and re-adjusted around here. What can I say, I like to let my passions grow organically and authentically. More on that here>> My desire to write is a lot more gritty and raw and ambitious than it ever has been. And it's accompanied these days by a draw to creation within the virtual world. My inherent, entrepreneurial tendencies drive me to make my day dreams into something more.

Writer · Designer · Digital Publisher · Boho Heart · Creative Spirit   As for the other stuff...

I'm a 30-something lady whose adoration for her husband is legend and whose passion for her bebes is epic. A young mother, high-school-sweet-heart-marrier, veteran military spouse, accomplished nomad, tinkerer, self-proclaimed "funniest one ever," eclectic listener, spiritual thinker, sun lover, snow hater, introverted social butterfly, Texas girl, and tender heart.
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