Well, I finally hit the big 3-0 in 2012. And since the 30 Before 30 list was so much fun, I’ve decided to carry the project over into my 30th year and beyond. You’ll notice that a few of the items are from the last list. I wasn’t quite able to finish them all. This time around I think I’ve filled the list with goals that are definitely doable, beneficial, fun, and that cater specifically to my writing goals.

Follow along as I tackle this 30 in 30 list!

1. Learn to play my guitar.

2. Write real letters to my family telling them how much I love them.

3. Plant an herb garden.

4. Practice Yoga at least once a week.

5. Finish all of my currently unfinished projects.

6. Have an article published in a magazine.

7. Send out 100 query letters.

8. Reach my comfy skin.

9. Kick the Coke a-cola habit for good.

10. Begin Grad School.

11. Create my beautiful office retreat.

12. Read 15+ new books.

13. Write a romance novel.

14. Write some faith based poetry.

15. Trash the dress.

16. Keep up a gym habit.

17. Fill a sangria jug with change.

18. Self publish a children’s book.

19. Make a quilt.

20. Finish writing THE book.

21. Complete NaNoWriMo.  -attempted

22. Reach 30 sales in the shop.

23. Begin purchasing my Pinterest Closet.

24. Create at least one item a week for the shop.

25. Frame the Corn Poppy.

26. Acquire a taste for Coffee. DONE!

27. Do a pinup shoot.

28. Publish a collection of poetry.

29. Get my ribs tattooed finally.

30. Complete my family tree art.

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