what’s in my bag.


I love my purse. I admired that thing in the store for a year and a half before I finally decided to go ahead and buy it.
I wish I could say that I got it on sale since I waited so long...but I didn't...and I don't care, hehe.
I wish I could say that I keep it neat and organized...but I don't.
It, like every other purse that I've ever carried, has been dubbed the black hole by my family. I'm afraid they're right.
I was browsing around some of my favorite blogging buddies the other day...and Miss Lena B posted up the cutest What's in My Bag article. I loved the idea so much and, honestly, my purse could use a good once over...so I decided, with her blessing, to do one of my own.
  Yah, that all came out of my purse. Everything you see above was loose, just floating around, in the black hole.
I was actually surprised at how few receipts I found floating around in there! And was happy to find all the bobby pins. Riley was excited that I found her missing rhinestone bobby pin, and I am now reminded that I need to sew all of those buttons back onto my coat.
My wedding ring, that I adore and will have to write about later, is living in that pouch right now until I can remember to take it in for repair. I've had that ring now for almost 13 years.
 Speaking of that man....
Don't we look so young in that photo?! I've kept it in my wallet for a long time now.
No idea why I still have that photo of my grandparents in my wallet...or why I put it right back in... but they are so precious. They have such a wonderful love story. One day, I'll have to share how they had the entire Paris International Airport SHUT DOWN!
I got that bottle opener when my daddy was visiting me in Hawaii. We bought some beers and had lunch at the famous Hank's Haute Dogs in Honolulu. The little tiny list you see is one of several Photo Challenge Prompts that I made up a long time ago for the blog.
Yes sir. I sure did copy/paste and print out 12 different outfits from My Pinterest Closet to take with me to the mall. I'm job-hunting now, and I spent the last 3 years wearing sundresses, shorts, and flip flops... I forget how to shop for real-people clothes. hahaha
I love that little zipper bag from Le Sport Sac. One of my girlfriends gave that to me as a birthday gift a few years ago. It has all sorts of little Hawaiian images all over it...and it's perfect for emergency lady things, hair stuff, and other odds-n-ends. I'm almost reluctant to tell you where I got the clear lip gloss, but I don't really care... really. It was my hostess prize from a Passion Party. Ooh la la!   The Pink Lip Gloss is my fave; I've been using it for 10 years now. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit mostly. I talk about it more here in my 2nd Girl Behind the Blog Vlog.
Now... who doesn't need a little black hole to go inside their bigger black hole of a purse? Apparently, I do. Little Le Sport Sac holds a ton of stuff. That cuticle aloe is a great find from Avon. I'd definitely recommend it.
Anyone that really knows me, knows that Moscato is my wine of choice. But none of that Barefoot junk (even though...I do totally drink it). Ha! Good Moscatos, in my opinion, {usually}come out of the D'Asti valley in Italy. This cork, in particular, is from one such wine. I'd only ever seen it in a grocery store in Monterey, California...then I went back to Texas and got to shop at a proper liquor store... wouldn't you know...there was my beloved Bartenura. (Ok.. I just realized that I spelled it wrong in the photo...oops.) Yum. Tif, if you're seeing this... first of all: thank you so much for the sweet little purse hook. I use it all the time!! Second: I meant to give you that bracelet at coffee back in October. =/   Be expecting a package from me sometime in the near future. Hehe. So... that's what's in my bag! I am proud to report that I did some major cleaning out and organizing, and it now looks only a fraction as bad as it used to. =D What's in your bag? If you post it up, leave a link in the comments!
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5 Comments on what’s in my bag.

  1. Lena B, Actually
    January 9, 2013 at 8:09 am (5 years ago)

    Love it! Your bag is gorgeous… And I love seeing it so filled with with memories! 🙂

  2. Casey
    January 10, 2013 at 4:11 am (5 years ago)

    Your purse is super cute? Where did you get it? My purse is usually a big giant mess too. It drives my husband nuts.

  3. Amy
    January 10, 2013 at 3:46 pm (5 years ago)

    I love that you are still using the zipper bag! You totally just reminded me to fill mine up for school on Monday ;0)

    • brooke.arceneaux
      January 10, 2013 at 4:45 pm (5 years ago)

      Girl, I love it!!! I’ll use it until it’s old and tattered! Good luck on Monday!! I’m excited for you!