monday meet up: linky party!


It's time for another Monday Meet Up! 
This week I have an amazing writer and beautiful woman
to share with you all. Every time I read something at her
blog I am touched and moved. She has a beautiful way
with words and expresses such a deep love for our Lord.
It's my pleasure to have her here this week. 

Hello all you lovely bloggers! My name is Kimberly and I blog over at Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl I believe that writing/journalism is good for the soul. Blogging has changed me in a lot of different ways. It is a way for me to express myself, interact with different people and to glorify my Heavenly Father. I started my blog not too long ago. I had been praying daily for God to show me ways that I could lift up others and bring them to the knowledge of Him so that they could experience the pure happiness and peace that I felt. I had come across the whole "blogging" thing a few times or more and found out that there were thousands upon thousands of different blogs out there. I wondered... "What do people actually blog about?" "Is there a purpose to this whole blogging thing?" I then realized that was it!! I could use blogging as a way to share my experiences and my thoughts for others. I knew that blogging would take a lot of time and alot of effort. I wanted to create a blog with a purpose. A blog that had a meaning behind it. A blog that readers could visit to be uplifted and feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading. The best feeling in the blogging world for me is when I write a post and I get emails from my readers that tell me what I wrote was exactly what they need to hear. When I get these emails I then know that my blog does have a purpose, my blog does have a meaning behind it, and most importantly it's making others feel good. With that being is a post I wrote about being free to be who God created us to be and knowing who we are in Christ....hope you enjoy and get all warm and fuzzy inside 😉


I love to reminisce and look back on the future. 

I like to think of where I was, where I am now and the person that I have become. 

I used to care what others thought of me.

I tried to fit in and impress others to feel accepted. 

I would always be hesitant and shy to say or do things because I would be worried about how others would react and what they would think about me.

We all want to feel accepted...face it...


In 2009, I found God.

I found myself.

I found my worth.

I no longer feel the need to fit in... 

 I only care what God thinks about me and that is the only thing that matters the most.

 I am free to be ME.

  I am far from being perfect. I struggle everyday, make mistakes and that is okay with me.

Christ is perfect and I can become perfected through Him each day.
He brings joy, peace and happiness into my life. 
He has healed my soul. 

  Everyone struggles with the need to impress people at some level. And much of the pressure, fear and stress we experience in our lives is caused by our need to impress others.

Can you imagine how free we would be if we just lived for God and didn't worry about what others think about us? 

How wonderful is it  to know that you don't have anything to prove and you're satisfied being who God created you to be!

We need to know who we are in Christ, what we can do and what we can't. 

We need to be humble about what we can do, and we need to accept and have peace about the things we can't do. Too many people are proud of what they can do and bothered by what they can't do.
I've discovered that there's real freedom in being able to say, "I can't do that. It's not my gift or calling from God. I don't believe God is leading me to do that."
When we have this attitude, we're not comparing ourselves or competing with others. And we're not worried about living by the world's standard, like having to wear what the fashion magazines say is "in" or having the "right" job or level of income to make us "important."

I want to glorify God in everything I do.

 I want my life to be all about God and focused on Him. When it is, I know what I can do and what I can't, and I don't have to be able to do it all. I'm secure in who I am in Christ and not threatened by others who can do things I can't do. And I don't have to know everything and have all the answers to be okay. 

I'm also free to have limits and say no when I need to say no because it's not about pleasing people but being obedient to God. Serving God makes me a better servant of others. I can really love people when I'm not thinking about myself or wondering about what they're thinking about me.

You don't have to be like everybody else or do things like everybody else. God created you to be a unique individual and He wants you to be free to be who He made you to be. Keep your heart and mind on Him, and whatever you do, do it for Him. 

A life of freedom and peace is a life that's all about Him!

Have a great week!

Love your blogging buddy,


Thank you so much for being with us today Kimberly!
What a wonderful testimony you have to share.

Speaking of testimonies....I want to encourage you all to check out
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It's called Represent and will focus on testimony and faith.
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